We know lots of primary schools have benefitted from using the One Big Story resource. Se we are delighted to announce a follow-on...


One Big Question is based on the questions that children and young people ask about God and the Christian faith at SU Scotland events. 

Term 1 Resources


  • Session 1: Questions
    Asking questions is a good way to find out more about God. We may not discover answers to all of our questions, but God wants us to seek him and to know him. We are going to look at the Bible to try to discover answers to our questions. 

  • Session 2: How do you know if God is real?
    Although we can’t see God, there is evidence that points to his existence, for example, creation, our sense of right and wrong and people’s own experience of God. 

  • Session 3: Is there proof that God made the world?
    The Bible teaches that God created the world – that it did not happen, but that there was purpose and design. There is also evidence from science that points to this conclusion.

  • Session 4: How did God create people?
    The Bible teaches that God made human beings in his image and that each of us is designed and created by God.

  • Session 5: Who made God?
    God is eternal – he always existed and always will exist. He revealed himself to Moses as I Am – the one who is eternal and unchanging. 

  • Session 6: Did God cause the bad things in the world?
    Sin and death entered the world when people disobeyed God. The consequences of that disobedience were severe and affect everyone, but God has a plan to bring restoration through Jesus. 

  • Session 7: Why did God give Adam and Eve the choice to sin?
    God gives us choice because he wants us to choose to love and follow him rather than forcing us to obey. He knew in advance that people would sin and he had already planned for a solution. 

  • Session 8: Why doesn't God stop the bad things in the world?
    God has a plan to deal with the bad things in the world. For now, we live in a broken world and we all experience suffering, but there is hope in the midst of that, and God’s people have the promise of a future free from pain and suffering because of Jesus. 


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