Respond Rwanda 2019 - Team Leaders

Following successful Respond trips in 2013, 2015 and 2017, SU Scotland will be sending a short term mission team to Rwanda in the summer of 2019 to serve with Scripture Union Rwanda.

From May 2018 we will be advertising for young people to join the team that will make up Respond Rwanda 2019.

Before this we need to appoint a suitably skilled and experienced leadership team for the trip.

Team leaders will:       

  • Participate in the selection of team members
  • Take responsibility, under the guidance of a planning team, for the preparation of team members over the winter/spring of 2018/19
  • Lead the trip during the summer of 2019
  • Lead the team in a post trip debrief

Fact File

  • Date - mid July to early/mid August 2019 (3 weeks)
  • Base Location - Kigali, Rwanda
  • Team Age - 16+
  • Team Size - 12 (approximately)
  • Team Activities - Sharing faith in schools (all ages) and running kids' clubs alongside the local SU team in and around Kigali.
  • Leader Application Deadline - Wednesday 28th March 2018

 To register for a Leadership Application Pack or to discuss this opportunity with one of the planning team email

Open Bible - Ukraine

Open Bible is a vibrant Scripture Union movement led by a Baptist pastor (a pastor of pastors who oversees and mentors many younger leaders), Grigori Stupak. Through his leadership and the vision and efforts of his team, most notably Oksana Khimich, the work amongst children and young people has flourished around Ukraine, and especially at Vorzel. However, they have been continually hampered by a lack of resources, spiralling inflation, an unstable economy and political upheaval.

The Vorzel campsite is located about 22 miles to the east of Ukraine’s capital, Kiev – although usually the heaviness of traffic means it is takes around 45-60 minutes for the trip. The growth of Kiev and the desire to live away from the bustling city has seen major growth in Vorzel village with blocks of flats rising in the vicinity of what was a quiet rural setting for the campsite. Because of the population growth there are good transport links to the site which makes it a great location for camps for children and young people. Open Bible originally leased the site but were able to purchase it 2012.

They have a growing staff team and group of volunteers and they have turned their hand to many things, including two of their staff-workers fitting double glazing in some of the residential blocks!

SU Scotland partners with Open Bible, and we regularly work together to support each other with teams of young people, staff and volunteers - sharing experiences and knowledge as we work towards the joint goal of seeing more young people exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus.

Around Vorzel