Vorzel workparty

Vorzel workparty trip

Vorzel campsite belongs to Open Bible, the Scripture Union movement in Ukraine. It is located about 22 miles to the east of Ukraine’s capital, Kiev – although usually the heaviness of traffic means it is takes around 45-60 minutes for the trip. The growth of Kiev and the desire to live away from the bustling city has seen major growth in Vorzel village with blocks of flats rising in the vicinity of what was a quiet rural setting for the campsite. Because of the population growth there are good transport links to the site which makes it a great location for camps for children and young people. Open Bible originally leased the site but were enabled to purchase it 2012.

Open Bible is a vibrant SU movement led by a Baptist pastor (a pastor of pastors who oversees and mentors many younger leaders), Grigori Stupak. Through his leadership and the vision and efforts of his team, most notably Oksana Khimich, the work amongst children and young people has flourished at Vorzel. But they have been continually hampered by lack of resources, spiralling inflation, unstable economy and political upheaval.

They have a growing staff team and group of volunteers and they have turned their hand to many things, including two of their staff-workers fitting double glazing in some of the residential block. But there is still a huge need for investment in order to meet the increasing expectations of parents and young people. Alongside the longer-term development there is the need for more basic maintenance and upkeep.

This is a major way we can partner with Open Bible in their ministry. Without requiring professional or specialist skills (although they would be well used if available) we can help Open Bible prepare the campsite for their camps ministry – painting, basic maintenance and general clear-up. And at the same time there is a wonderful opportunity to meet some incredible people and to hear about ministry in a much more complicated and pressured setting than often we face

How about it?

When: 8-10 days between 17 and 29/30 April, tbc.

Requirements: Participants will cover own costs including air fares around £300; travel insurance; accommodation and transfers, around £200. Accommodation will be in Vorzel or homes around Kiev. Participants will be aged 18+ and have completed accreditation as an SU Scotland volunteer. Pre-visit orientation meeting.

Interested? For more information contact Phyllis Caldwell on phylliscaldwell47@gmail.com or 01387 780218.

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Around Vorzel

 Ukraine 2017

Ukraine Summer Team 2017

SU Scotland has a partnership with SU Ukraine (Open Bible). In July 2017 a team of young people with leaders from Scotland will travel to Ukraine for an International camp which seeks to develop and build leadership capacity in those attending. We expect young people to travel from: Scotland, England, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Moscow, Siberia, Tajikistan and St Petersburg, to take part in this exciting experience. We will be based for the first week at the SU campsite in a small village called Vorzel, about an hour outside Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.

The Scottish team will fly to Ukraine on Friday 22nd July and return on Sunday 6th August. There will be opportunity during the first week to get to know young people of a similar age from a variety of countries, become accustomed to the main language used being Russian and begin to work with a small group made up of different nationalities to prepare for your second week which will be spent working with a church in a different part of Ukraine to lead a holiday club for children and young people. Our first week together will involve Bible teaching, training sessions, team-building activities, cultural experiences and a day out in Kiev.

Places are limited and each team member must be at least 16 by the date of travel and have completed S5 in school. You will be expected to raise a minimum of £950, dependent on the final cost of flights. We can help you with ideas of how to raise this support, so don’t let that put you off!

The opportunity to participate in the International Camp only takes place every 3 years so apply now to avoid disappointment. Why not have a look at: www.suscotland.org.uk/search?search=ukraine, to see what others have said about taking part in visits to Ukraine

How to apply?

Applications will be accepted until 26th February 2017

If you have further question about the Ukraine Summer Team 2017, please contact Jackie Ringan on 0141 332 7622 or email jackie.ringan@suscotland.org.uk.