We support schools across Scotland so that pupils can explore values and beliefs from a Christian perspective through classroom work, assemblies, SU Groups and residential experiences.

SU Groups

These are extra-curricular clubs taking place in primary and secondary schools, empowering children and young people to explore the Christian faith. SU Groups can be led by parents, school staff, SU Scotland staff, senior pupils or other volunteers. They usually meet at lunchtimes or after school and provide a place for pupils to explore the Christian faith and how it plays a part in people's lives. We do this through helping them learn about Christian beliefs, seeing authentic faith in practical action, and acquiring critical tools which will enable them to develop an understanding of their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

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Religious Observance and RME

We help schools to deliver Religious Observance and RME lessons as part of Curriculum for Excellence. Find resources and information for teachers and volunteers.

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Bible Alive

This exciting programme teaches children in P5-P7 the whole storyline of the Bible in a series of interactive multimedia lessons. It fits with all four capacities in Curriculum for Excellence, as well as contributing to experiences and outcomes in the RME section of the curriculum.

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Classroom Outdoors

Discover a relevant and dynamic approach to the curriculum that brings outdoor learning to life! Our cross-curricular range of activities responds to Curriculum for Excellence and compliments day-to-day learning in the classroom.

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Serve Your Local School

This great partnership project is all about inspiring and equipping churches to engage more with their local schools. We've got ideas for those getting started as well as for the more experienced churches who are ready to invest more.

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We have worked in Scottish schools for over 70 years, at the invitation of headteachers. There are over 500 SU Groups in primary and secondary schools, led by volunteers and staff, all of whom are accredited by SU Scotland and members of the PVG scheme.

There are schools asking us to work with them for the spiritual development of their pupils. Some of these opportunities cannot be taken up due to limited numbers of volunteers. Teachers, parents, senior pupils, youth workers, ministers and others are already volunteering with us in schools across Scotland. Would you be able to join them by volunteering in your local area?

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