Young people are online. We want to help young people to explore the Bible wherever they are, so we need to be online too!


Creating content, especially video content, allows us to be clear, concise and relatable in our message as we use it to reach young people online, in schools and in person.

Almost all of the young people in Scotland have a social media account, so we do too! Our Youth Comms channels on Instagram and TikTok are used for great Bible content, promoting our events and showcasing our fantastic young people.

We make high-quality curriculum content for schools too, with video series and accompanying workbooks and guides for Christmas, Easter and the transition between primary and high school as well. 

Our content portfolio is always growing, with new videos in the works this year too.

Online Groups

We run online Bible studies as well as groups gathered around a common interest like video gaming, tabletop gaming or art.

Interests bring people together, and interests have been bringing people together online for over 30 years. At SU Scotland we want to bring people together too, around the subjects those young people are passionate about, all with exploring the Bible at the heart of the discussion.

Our online community on Discord allows us to have separate areas for all of these interests while still maintaining a big community feel.

If you’d like to participate in one of our online groups as a volunteer, please get in touch with Andrew Stothard, our Digital Youth Work Lead.


3 in 5 teenagers play video games every day. In the Digital team, we want to use gaming to meet young people where they are.

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