Pray For Schools Scotland

Every school a prayed for school! That is the vision of Pray for Schools Scotland - to mobilise Christians to support their school communities through prayer. 


Why pray for schools?

Young people spend the majority of their waking hours in school - far more than in church or at home. We know schools have a huge impact of the attitudes, ideas and thinking of young people, about themselves, the world, and God.


They are places of great opportunity, enabling children to fulfil their potential in learning. For some, schools are happy places where they flourish and thrive; for others, schools are difficult places where they are tormented, bullied and struggle to cope both socially and educationally.

The life of a school is dependant on many people: head teachers, teachers, learning assistants, classroom assistants, special needs auxiliaries, cooks, secretaries, janitors....

Will you join us in praying for them, as they seek to live out their faith in the school community?

Why sign up to pray?

Knowing people are praying for you makes such a difference. By praying for your local school, you demonstrate God's heart for your community in a really tangible way. Register here!

We'd love to know you're praying for your school! We'll send you an update three times a year with loads of news, stories, information and tips for prayer; your school will appear as prayed-for on the downloadable list of Scottish schools; and you'll have an opportunity to link up with others who may be praying for the same school.


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Why not also check out the Serve Your Local School website for ideas of practical ways you can show you care. If you are a teacher, check out the Christians in Scottish Education website for further prayer points.

The vision for schools prayer started in Scotland, and is now UK-wide. For further information about praying for schools in England and Wales, visit the Pray for Schools website.

How can I pray?

How long is a piece of string?! Here are just a few of the many options....

  • Pray individually at any time. You don't need to have a relationship with a school to start praying, only a heart concern to pray. You can pray for your local school, or even one in another part of the country you once attended. If you know a child or young person at school - or a school staff member - you could commit to pray for them.
  • Begin a school prayer group - for staff, pupils, parents, etc. Some groups meet in schools either before or after school, others in homes.
  • Highlight the need for schools prayer at your church prayer fellowship or homegroup, regularly sharing needs and praying with others for your local schools. Why not consider praying for all the schools within a 5 mile radius of your church, even if you have no children or young people there? Prayer can open up opportunities for service in your local schools.
  • Pray as a chaplaincy team for your secondary school and all the schools in its cluster.
  • As an SU Group leader, pray not just for your little group, but the wider school. Ensure someone is praying for you in this vital work, and pray together with them!

Got a brilliant idea that's not listed here? We'd love to hear about it


Our vision is to equip and resource both adults and young people to pray for schools. As part of this, Pray for Schools Scotland organises several key prayer initiatives throughout the year...


Pray for SHINE (November)Prayday Logo

European Pray Day for Schools falls on 20 November. New for 2018, we are asking prayer supporters to pray on that day for SU Groups across Scotland, and in particular, those who are taking part in the SHINE in Schools project.

Encounter (February / March)

We are passionate about bringing young people together to encounter God in prayer. Encounter is aimed at P7-S6 young people, with events held in Grangemouth and Aviemore. Led by young people, for young people, it provides a fantastic opportunity to explore prayer, have a fun day out, and enjoy time with your youth group.

Back to School With God Sunday (August)

An opportunity for churches to hold a special service to affirm support for the young people and school staff in their local community, and to pray that they will see God at work in their schools. Resources are provided for a complete all-age service.

Are my local schools being prayed for?

Download the 'Prayed for schools' document and find out. Even if a school is already being prayed for, please do register with us, as it keeps us up-to-date with what is happening around the country.