Scotland's Biggest Holiday Club is one of our responses in 2020 to help the children of Scotland continue exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus.

Hundreds of churches across Scotland run summer holiday clubs as part of their strategy and work with children and families. Unable to physically happen this summer, we want to support children and churches connecting and so are delighted to launch Scotland's Biggest Holiday Club so it can happen virtually.

Scotland's Biggest Holiday Club is aimed at children in P4-P7, with some activities available for younger children.

Use the links below to register. If you have any questions, there's more information for churches and parents further down the page.

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If you want to use this resource in your church, complete the registration form and we'll send you all the details.

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Sign up your child to attend one of our online holiday clubs. Confirmation and further details will be sent by email.
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I'm interesting in hosting this at my church…

Join with churches right across the country this summer as together we run Scotland’s Biggest Holiday Club!

Your church can…

  • Register to use the resource – it's free!
  • Profile Scotland’s Biggest Holiday Club in your church and community through social media
  • Offer online child registration to enable Zoom small groups hosted by your church
  • Download small group activities and resources, delivering these to families who register children, building stronger relationships in your community
  • “Top and tail” the videos, helping children make a local connection with someone and somewhere they recognise in their community

SU Scotland are producing for your church…

  • 5 x 15-minute, fun-filled videos premiering online weekly, based on the Wonder Zone Holiday Club resource, presenting the day’s big idea
  • A template for event publicity, giving flexibility for when your online small groups occur
  • Activities and engagement focussing on P4-P7s with some activities for younger children
  • Content and ideas for running Zoom small groups
  • Downloadable activities and resources for delivering to families
  • Guidance on a GDPR compliant online child registration form
  • Guidance on hosting safe and effective Zoom small groups

In addition we would suggest you explore buying SU England and Wales' Fact Files for children aged 5-8, and Lab Books for children aged 8-11, which could also be delivered.

Wonder Zone Fact File Activity Booklet (5-8s)

Wonder Zone Fact File Activity Booklets (8-11s)

I'm interested in registering my child…

Scotland’s Biggest Holiday Club is for primary aged children across Scotland! Running weekly from 29 June – 27 July, we will premiere 5 x 15 minute fun engaging online videos, featuring weird and wonderful professors, scientists and live experiments.

Launching 10am each Monday our videos are based around the Bible-based Holiday Club Wonder Zone, encouraging children to explore the wonders of the world and discovering how the God behind all of it wants to get to know them!

During Wonder Zone, the children will meet Solomon and his desire to be wise. They will explore three Psalms and see what those tell us about God. They’ll see Jesus bring sight to a blind man and light to the world. And they’ll hear the story of the lost son who is welcomed back by his father.

Along the way, they will experience the fun of discovery, explore the wonders of the universe, investigate light and colour, be awed by the diversity of the natural world and encounter robots and artificial intelligence.

You and your child/children can engage by:

  • Watching the 5 online videos premiering each week
  • Registering to access further online material
  • Joining a weekly Zoom small group hosted by fully accredited SU Scotland volunteers where you can use the resources together. You can sign up to join these at 10am on Wednesdays, or 4pm on Thursdays. The choice is yours. We require an adult to be in the same room as your child/children during these calls.

Our hope is that churches across Scotland will run Scotland's Biggest Holiday Club within their communities. If your local church is doing this, feel free to register with them. Churches running the materials themselves will be doing so under their own safeguarding and privacy policies.