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This is a holiday club style event, lasting two and a half hours, written with P4-P7 in mind. The resource could be used by churches, messy church teams or holiday club teams. ADVENT is all about the coming of something momentous, namely Jesus coming to earth! The Big ADVENTure explores the first Christmas in a dynamic way, setting Jesus’ coming within the context of what precedes in the Old Testament.

The programme includes an introductory activity, drama, games, Bible teaching, craft and songs, finishing with group time and a Bible devotional booklet for the children to take home. The resource contains all the content for the programme. Various additional documents have been created with elements of the programme that you will be able to print out for team members. 

The Big ADVENTure is an ideal way to refocus on what Christmas is really all about, pointing back to Jesus and why he came. He is the one who really can take us on a big adventure!

This resource is downloadable, free of charge.

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