If we haven't experienced much personal suffering yet in our lives then we will probably know someone else who has. This world is broken, and suffering is everywhere. But why do the worst things seem to happen to the best people? Suffering doesn't seem to fall on those who deserve it.

Question to consider:

Jonny shared in the video that Jesus is God who suffered for us and also with us.

What difference does the knowledge God suffers alongside us make to you?

We will ultimately never know why bad things happen to good people. Jonny shared in the video how unhelpful it can be to give simplistic answers to people who are suffering, like 'there's plenty more fish in the sea' or 'it'll be alright'. We can however have hope in God and bring everything to him as we pray (see Psalm 62.5). As the policeman in the video said, that doesn't make everything better. But we can know God is present in our suffering, and he's bigger than our suffering.


Digging Deeper

Read Psalm 73.1-14.

Work through the passage and make two lists:

  • How the psalmist describes the arrogant and wicked (referred to as 'they' from v4-11)
  • How the psalmist describes himself (in v2-3 and 13-14)

The psalmist talks about bad people prospering and good people suffering. When we see this, we can talk to God as the psalmist did about our confusion and how unfair we think it is. God invites us to do that, and to pour out all our concerns before him (see Psalm 62.8). We don't have to understand and have all the answers before bringing polite prayers to God - he wants us to bring everything to him even when it's messy.

Read the remainder of Psalm 73.

What happens in v17 to solve the psalmist's confusion?

Add to your two lists:

  • What does the psalmist now know will happen to the arrogant and wicked? (v18-20, 27)
  • What does the psalmist now realise he has in God? (v23-26, 28)

Spend some time in prayer reflecting on these lists.

Thank God for what you have in him.


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