Based around a three part video series, this cross curricular resource for P6 and P7 brings the Easter story to life! Alongside the videos is a downloadable resource pack with quizzes and reflection activities formatted for both classroom delivery and home learning. Colour in Easter is simple to use and can be delivered as one session or split into shorter lessons 

Colour in Easter has been produced in partnership with SU Ireland. 

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  • Through investigating and reflecting upon biblical and other Christian stories, I can show my understanding of these stories. RME 2-01a 

  • Through exploring the lives and teachings of Jesus  and other figures in Christianity, I am increasing my knowledge and understanding of key Christian beliefs. RME 2-01b 

  • I can show understanding of Christian beliefs and explore the similarities and differences between these and my developing beliefs. RME 2-01c 

  • I can share my developing views about values such as fairness and equality and love, caring, sharing and human rights. RME 2-02b 
  • Through investigating the ways in which Christians mark major life events and times of year, I can explain key features of such festivals and celebrations. RME 2-03b 

  • I am developing respect for others and my understanding of their beliefs and values. RME 2-07a 

  • Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.  EXA 2-05a  

When we think about Easter, our minds turn to bunnies, eggs and lots of chocolate! But Easter is really a worldwide Christian festival, even more important to Christians than Christmas. So what is it Christians are actually celebrating? This episode explores the origins of Easter by going back to the very beginning and discovering Jesus' mission in coming to Earth. However, the rescue mission takes a strange turn when Jesus is arrested by Roman soldiers. Surely that wasn't part of the plan?! 

"It's not fair!" are words we're all familiar with! We want fairness, justice. But possibly the most unfair thing ever to have happened took place on the very first Easter. Jesus was innocent; his friends, and even his opponents, knew that full well. And yet Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion  a terrible punishment. This episode explores the trial of Jesus for crimes he hadn’t committed. What was to become of his mission? Had his amazing rescue plan failed? 

Jesus is dead, and buried in a tomb. An enormous stone and Roman soldiers guard the entrance. But when some of his followers visit the tomb one early morning, something astonishing unfolds. The stone is rolled away, the soldiers gone; an earthquake, angels, and an amazing message! We don’t all like surprises, but for Christians, this surprise at the heart of Easter, is the best news the world has ever heard! This final episode explores the resurrection of Jesus and what it means for Christians today.