Equip pupil leader training has gone online!

There are over 100 pupils from around Scotland who have already completed the Equip pupil leader training in the last three years, many of whom have gone on to lead the SU groups in their schools.

If you are in S4 to S6, know and love Jesus, and want to start an SU group in your school or help lead one that already exists, join us for our next series of training sessions and the 100+ young people who have gone before you - take up the baton of leadership! Take time for 1 ½ hours each week for four weeks to learn and discuss what it looks like to lead an SU group in your school.  You are the very best people to take on this role!


The topics covered are:

  1. What is an SU group and why should I have one at school?
  2. A vision for leadership: what is the Gospel?
  3. What kind of leader are you?
  4. Practicalities and planning
  5. Group dynamics and what makes a team work
  6. How to prepare a session
  7. Safeguarding
  8. Serving your local school


We will meet for a catch up and review after two or three months of starting the group.  These are the sessions we will cover.

  1.    What makes a team work – review?
  2.    What kind of leader are you – review?
  3.    Preparing a Bible study
  4.    Challenging behaviour – optional


Our most recent training course ran in November 2020 via Zoom.

For more information and to book our next course, please contact: info@suscotland.org.uk