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Please contact if you would like to find out more about the following needs:

Spring 2024

  • Female Group Leader Junction 12 Primary weekend (2), 17-19 May, Gowanbank
  • Male Group Leaders Junction 12 Primary weekend (2), 17-19 May, Gowanbank


  • Male Group LeaderMotiv8 S2-S3 holiday AV1, 29 June - 6 July, Alltnacriche with Libby Lobban 
  • Male Group Leaders, P5-S1 holiday GB1, 29 June - 6 July, Gowanbank with Julie Moody
  • Male Group Leaders, Connect in the City, Glasgow West End, 8-12 July with Karen Campbell
  • Group Leader (confident in leading sports)Connect in the City, Glasgow West End, 8-12 July with Karen Campbell
  • Male Group LeaderMotiv8 S4-S6 holiday AV3, 13 - 20 July, Alltnacriche with Libby Lobban
  • Chief Cook, P7-S3 holiday, 13-19 July, Lendrick Muir with Colin Carmichael. Cooking for up to 45 with assistance.
  • Chief Cook, HORSE & GAMES holidays, 27 July - 3 August, Alltnacriche with Andrew and Ruth Stothard. Cooking for up to 50.
  • Male Group LeaderGAMES holiday, 27 July - 3 August, Alltnacriche with Andrew Stothard
  • Team Member, to provide additional support as needed to a group of young people at GAMES holiday, 27 July - 3 August, Alltnacriche with Andrew Stothard 
  • Chief Cook, P5-S1 holiday LM6a, 3-10 August, Lendrick Muir with Roy Osborne. Cooking for up to 60 in Ochil
  • Chief & Assistant Cook, S1-S6 holiday LM6b, 3-10 August, Lendrick Muir with Jackie Ringan. Cooking for up to 35 in Moubray

Alltnacriche are in need of a volunteer cook 19th – 21st April. Key information

  • Friday evening meal – Sunday lunch
  • Accomodation available in a flat
  • Some dishwashing help is already arranged

SU Scotland Centres have many other volunteering opportunities and would love to hear from people who enjoy cooking, gardening, cleaning or DIY. Even if you feel you don't have a particular skill but would like to be part of the team, our Centre staff would love to hear from you. 

If you are wondering what it might look like to volunteer at a centre click on the links to hear Derek's experience of being a Catering Volunteer and helping with Bike Maintenance.

If you would like more information please contact the Centres directly:

Alltnacriche Lynwilg, Aviemore, PH22 1PZ
Tel: 01479 810 237

Lendrick Muir, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross, KY13 0QA
Tel: 01577 842 000

Gowanbank, Darvel KA17 0LL
Tel: 01560 323370

Digital Ministry

Gamers! We need you! This year we’re piloting a new Gaming Group online, to connect with young people (13+) who love to game.

For more information and to sign up to volunteer go to our Digital Ministry website page

SU Group Volunteers

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