Perhaps you physically can't go on a holiday or mission this year - but you can still join the team! Prayer partners are just as important as the folks on the ground.

Every year we run an email-based prayer hotline during the Easter, summer and autumn holiday seasons, where we can share news and urgent needs from holidays and missions as they're taking place.

2017 Prayer Hotline

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"Last year I felt the strength of people's prayers, before, during and after camp. The team all came together, with God supplying last-minute needs just at the right time. Planning fell into place and there was a wonderful sense of God's presence the whole week.  There was a real openness to the Bible teaching and young people responded to the challenges presented. I could see the team grow in front of my eyes; working as a unit, looking for what needed doing, reflecting Jesus in their patience and care of the young people, exercising God-given talents. It was fantastic! Just knowing that I could pass on any problem or prayer need to others made all the difference - that it wasn't just me and the team, but the whole of God's people working together in prayer. Hallelujah!"     

Team Leader