Perhaps you physically can't go on a holiday or mission this year - but you can still join the team! This year in particular, as events move on line, prayer partners are such an important part of the team.

Every year we run an email-based prayer hotline during the Easter, summer and autumn holiday seasons, where we can share news and urgent needs from holidays and missions as they're taking place.

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"It was obvious that God was at work long before out event took place.  We had several moments where we were truly relying on His provision in the preparation for camp and He answered our prayers to allow the event to take place.  During the event we as a team were very aware of being protected by prayer. We had a great group of young people who very quickly became close friends and created a family feel to camp.  God blessed us with an extremely talented team who made the holiday extra special for the young people.  Some of the campers wanted to invite Jesus into their lives and were keen to know more about how to deepen their relationship with God. There was a clear sense of God's presence in worship times and God moved in both team and campers lives. We really valued your prayer support.     

Team Leader