All over Scotland people volunteer in schools and make a difference. SU volunteers run groups, pray for their schools and provide different kinds of practical support.

  • Find out more about volunteering with SU Scotland in schools.
  • Serve Your Local School is a partnership with other Christian organisations. It aims to help churches in Scotland see the potential to play a part in their local school community and to make a real practical difference for the teachers, staff and pupils in the school.
Can I start a new SU Group?

If you are interested in setting up an SU Group in your local primary, secondary or special school we'd love to hear from you.  

We know of many schools where there is a desire to have an SU Group, but currently no volunteers available to make that happen. SU Groups may be run by teachers, pupils, parents or others and anyone running a group must be an approved SU Scotland volunteer.

  • Contact your regional worker to discuss your plans. They can help you connect with other volunteers and provide advice about, applying to become an SU Scotland volunteer and getting the group started.
  • Read our guidance on Starting an SU Group for details on the best approach.

The protocol for Scripture Union Scotland staff and volunteers working in Scottish schools provides important information about how we work in schools.

Are there resources to help me?

Yes! We've got lots to help you lead and run an SU Group. Look below for some options. We have more ideas on our online resource area using a web address that we give to accredited volunteers.

Primary SU Group resources

We have great ideas for places you can get material and ideas to use with your primary SU Group...

You’ll find plenty of great resource ideas from your local staff member but here are some of our favorites.


One Big Story is a Bible overview resource. The resource came about as a result of seeing the effectiveness of the Bible Alive programme in schools, and the impact when children are helped to understand the Bible as 'one big story', seeing how the individual stories connect. 

This programme is aimed at SU Groups for children in P5-P7, to take them through a Bible overview over the course of two years. 

Find out more and download One Big Story.


It’s Your Move is designed and published by SU England & Wales. Now in its 6th edition, over a million copies have been distributed to pupils across the UK in their final year of primary school. It is designed to be a fun and friendly guide to support pupils as they look to move up to secondary school and allay any fears they may have. It is a resource which has been used in many schools in Scotland.

It's Your Move lesson resource

It's Your Move guidance notes


How excited do you get when children really engage with God’s word? Recently I ran a couple of SU Groups where the children got excited! We used the new app Guardians of Ancora to have fun exploring the stories in the Bible. Perhaps some wonder how something digitally orientated could be of any use in an SU Group but think again!

Download ideas on how to use Guardians of Ancora in your SU Group 


JAFFA - Jesus A Friend For All - was produced initially by SU Australia then published in the UK, but has been out of print for a number of years. (If you do have copies you no longer use then please pass them on to your local SU Scotland office from where it can be sent back into circulation with current SU Group leaders.)

JAFFA is written for a 30 minute lunchtime club in a primary school, so needs less adapting to that situation than some other materials - though you may have to change some Aussie references! Book 1 is available to download for free and the other two books are available to buy and download as a PDF from SU Australia's online shop.


The games session is planned, organised and coming up later, but what happens when the digital projector goes off, the minibus is running late, a visitor needs to be spoken to by the person up next on the programme or the games leader turns out to be the First Aider? Then what? Well, you turn to this list of games collated by some of the leaders of the games sessions at our LaunchPad training days. 

Download 5 minute filler games PDF



It will help the young people reflect on what they have learned so far and it will help you plan for the future if you think through SU Scotland’s Values of an SU Group in relation to your group.

Secondary SU Group resources

Here's a useful selection of books, websites and relevant ideas to help you make your secondary SU Group all it can be...



NUA is a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith. Our friends at Scripture Union Ireland produced this engaging resource for the world to use.

We have permission to offer this resource to anyone in Scotland for free in a digital format. Please complete this form to access the NUA film series. Look out for NUA Origins coming out durign the first half of 2020.


Opening the Bible with a group of young people is an exciting adventure and a core part any SU event. We've put together some ideas to help you get started, and it really is about going back to basics and allowing God to speak through his word.

Download Teach yourself Bible reading groups PDF


In addition to exploring a Bible story, it will help the young people reflect on what they have learned so far and it will help you think through SU Sotland’s Values of an SU Group in relation to your group.

One Big Story