“It’s great to be with other Christians my age.”

“The group has helped my faith grow.”

“We discuss answers to my friends’ difficult questions!”

School can be one of the toughest places for a young person to live for Jesus. SU Groups provide a place for connection, support, friendship and spiritual growth. At the same time, SU Groups provide a lifeline for those who might otherwise never hear about God’s love for them. With fewer and fewer children and young people in church these days, taking the light of the gospel into Scotland’s schools is increasingly important.

Read on for more news and info about how you can make a difference…

“Shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life!”   Philippians 2:15

Ever wondered what it’s like to run an SU Group?

Watch this video to see Dorothy sharing about the group in Irvine.

You can do this

School can be one of the toughest places for adults to witness for Jesus too – which is why our team is committed to being there for you with training, support, resources and guidance, enabling you to run a brilliant SU Group – and enjoy doing it! 

With God’s help, you can do this – and make a difference in the lives of children and young people in a school near you!

To find out more about how to get involved with running an SU Group in your area contact regional@suscotland.org.uk or visit our SU Groups webpage. 

New Resources for running SU Groups

One Big Question, the follow-up to One Big Story! It answers some of the big questions children have about God and faith, like: How do you know if God is real? Who made God? Why doesn’t God stop the bad things in the world? All the sessions are based on real questions asked by P5-P7s in schools or at SU weekends. Eight sessions are currently available with more following soon.

For secondary groups, there is also a new resource looking at big questions. Q&A contains 12 sessions which are based around videos made by the Solas Centre for Public Christianity with accompanying activities and discussion material.

You can find information about these, plus all our other resources, online at suscotland.org.uk/resources