We’re developing a network of Ambassadors across Scotland  - people who can become the official link between their church congregation and SU Scotland.

What is an Ambassador?
  • An Ambassador is someone willing to act as a link between SU Scotland and their church family, passing on news and information about forthcoming events and resources

  • An Ambassador is a point of contact for SU Scotland within a congregation; someone who can share stories of what God is doing, raise the profile of SU Scotland, and inspire others to pray, donate, volunteer and join in.
Could you become an Ambassador?
  • Are you a committed Christian and regular attender of your church? 
  • Do you have a heart for the vision of SU Scotland? 
  • Are you aged 18+ or older?
  • Do you have good communication skills, either orally or written?

If your answer to all of the above questions is yes, then we would love to hear from you.

What would I need to do?
  • Receive a monthly Ambassadors email, informing you of forthcoming resources and events
  • Inform individuals you think might benefit (e.g. Minister; Kirk Session; Youth Worker; Sunday School leaders; parents)
  • Arrange for the information to be put into the notice sheet, church magazine or announcements
  • Display and share SU Scotland material (e.g. @SU magazine and prayer diary; SU Holiday brochures; flyers)
  • Share good news stories of God at work through SU Scotland ministry – either verbally, or in a church magazine
  • Highlight SU Scotland for prayer
What else could I do?
  • Commit to praying for SU Scotland and the schools in your local area
  • Link up with your local SU Regional Worker and partner with them in serving local schools – email to find out who if you don’t already know!
  • Share SU Scotland events and information via social media
  • Share SU Scotland events and information with other churches in your town who don’t have SU Scotland Ambassadors (check this first!)
  • Encourage your church to adopt SU Scotland as a missionary organisation to the young people of Scotland
  • Invite a speaker from SU Scotland to talk at church, a midweek fellowship, missionary evening or ladies’ group
What now?

Contact your church leader to let them know you are exploring taking on this role and that SU will be in touch to get their thumbs up.

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