SU Scotland has a network of Ambassadors in churches of all denominations across the whole of Scotland – individuals who are willing to be an official link between their church and SU.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is anyone who is supportive of SU Scotland’s ministry and a committed member of a church fellowship - age doesn't matter!

An Ambassador is anyone who wants to give their church family an opportunity to hear of SU resources and events and invite them to join in.

An Ambassador could be YOU if your church doesn't already have an Ambassador (we normally only have 1 per church), are willing to register with us, and can commit to receiving a monthly Mailchimp email. Once you get the email it is up to you what to do with the information. You might want to

  • share a PowerPoint slide at the start of a service
  • share upcoming events on your church Facebook page
  • include information in a bulletin or newsletter
  • forward the email to your minister/children's worker/youthworker/parents
  • OR decide nothing this month is relevant, and do nothing!
Join the Team!

Over 200 churches have an SU Ambassador but we would love to see some more –Could you be your church's link with SU? Maybe you know nothing about SU Scotland, but would love to serve in this way. Or maybe you are highly involved in SU, and already doing the job unofficially! 

Here's what to do...

  • Check if your church has an Ambassador - ask the minister, or email to find out.
  • Fill in the registration form below.

Your registration will be acknowledged by email then we will check with your church leader they are happy with your application. Once a month thereafter you will be receive a Mailchimp. PPT slides will be available to download from this page and refreshed each month.

We look forward to welcoming you as an SU Ambassador!

Please register below. If you don't receive a response within 2 weeks then please email 

Sign Up as an Ambassador
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We promise to look after your data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation. See for more details.

What else could I do?

Want to be more involved? Here are Top Ten Tips.

1.   Mention SU Scotland in prayer at church prayer gatherings. (You can sign up for daily or monthly prayer points on our home page)

2.   Check out the SU Scotland channel on YouTube and show a video in church.

3.   Identify church young people or older members who have been touched by God through SU ministry - work with your minister to allow them to share their story.

4.   Link up with your local SU Regional Worker – email to find out who if you don’t already know! Could you invite them to speak at church?

5.   Commit to praying for local schools (click to register) and register your church's prayer for them.

6.   Lead a Back to School with God Sunday service at the start of a new school year. 

7.   Follow SU Scotland on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - 'like' and share.

8.   Speak to friends about your role as Ambassador - does their church have one?

9.   Encourage your church to consider SU Scotland as a missionary partner.  Would they be open to a retiring offering for SU Scotland?

10. Check out other volunteering opportunities with SU Scotland, whether as part of a team for holiday club or camp, a Bible Alive volunteer, SU Group leader or cook/assistant cook!