Today we have a Minute To Win It challenge for you.  It is called Breakfast Scramble, and to do the challenge you will need an empty cereal box (or similar food packaging box) and a pair of scissors.



Cut the front section off the cereal box.  Then cut it up into about twenty pieces and mix the pieces up.  You could even ask someone to do this for you.

Your challenge is to put the pieces back together, like a jigsaw puzzle, and to do it in just one minute.

There is a timer you can use here:


Last time we looked at the story of Abraham. 

Do you remember the promise God made to Abraham?

He promised that Abraham and his wife Sarah would have a child and that eventually they would have lots of descendants (grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on).  It all happened just as God promised, and today we are going to find out about one of Abraham’s descendants whose name was Joseph.


Watch this short video to hear his story:

Think for a moment: what does Joseph’s story teach us about God? 

Did you notice the phrase, “The Lord was still with Joe?”  The Bible tells us four times in Joseph’s story that God was with him – twice when he is working in Potiphar’s house and twice when he is in prison.



There were lots of parts of Joseph’s story that didn’t make sense on their own.  It wasn’t fair that he was thrown into a pit by his brothers and sold to be a slave, or that he was put in prison for something he didn’t do.

Look at one of the pieces of your cereal box from the challenge earlier.  It probably looks a bit strange on its own, but when you fit it together with all the other pieces you can see how it makes sense as part of something bigger.

It’s a bit like that with Joseph’s story.

When he looked back, he could see that God was always with him, and that even though parts of his story were hard, God had a plan for good.

This is what Joseph said to his brothers at the end of the story:

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good.  He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.”  (Genesis 50:20 NLT)


Last time we looked at some of the promises we have in the Bible.  We loved this picture sent in by Bethany of the poster she made.


Here’s another promise:


Click on this link to have a shot at an online jigsaw. Put the pieces together to make up the Bible verse. You could ask an adult to contact us and let us know how quickly you managed to complete the puzzle (there is a timer in the top-right of the screen) and we will let you know who got the best time!

Think: are there things in your life right now that are difficult or don’t make sense? 

Why not ask God to help you?  Here’s a prayer you could use:

God, thank you that you had a good plan for Joseph and that you were with him even when life was difficult.  This is what I’m finding difficult just now… (add your own words here)

Please help me to trust you.  Amen.


Here’s a song that reminds us that God has a good plan, and that we can ask him to help us when life is difficult.  You could even use it as a prayer, thanking God for these things.