Motiv8 Holidays give youth leaders the opportunity to bring their young people away on an SU Holiday specifically designed to be suitable for those that come from a more disadvantaged background. 

The aim of these holidays is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for young people to explore the Christian faith. In order to do this we ask that referrers send an adult who is known to the young people to be part of the team who lead the holiday

Referrers can also request Motiv8 places at mainstream SU Holidays for those young people they think would fit in to a mainstream holiday. If you are unsure about this then contact us.

All Motiv8 places (at a Motiv8 Holiday or on an SU Holiday) are heavily subsidised, with the cost for each young person being just £60.

Volunteer on a Motiv8 Holiday

You don't need to have had experience of working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, although that would certainly help! What you do need is a willingness to learn; lots of energy; patience; and a heart to see children and young people from difficult backgrounds meet Jesus! 

Motiv8 Holidays are demanding physically, emotionally and spiritually. In recognition of this, Motiv8 Holidays start with a weekend of team training, to get to know each other and get advice on how to work with more challenging young people.

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Motiv8 Referrers

Becoming a Motiv8 referrer
  1. Do you have weekly contact with children and young from deprived backgrounds through a church group/Christian organisation?
  2. Is the area that you work in significantly affected by poverty?
  3. Are you willing to ensure that the cost of £60 per person is met either by the family of the young person or by the organisation or church you represent
  4. Are you willing to come with the children and young people you refer to Motiv8 Holidays, or send other adults the children know?
  5. Are you are willing to work within SU Scotland's statement of faith?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you may be able to become a Motiv8 Holidays referrer. Contact us to discuss your situation.