“COVID-19 can stop lots of things, but it can’t stop us sharing our faith with our best friends!”

In normal times, each November we provide a 3 week video resource that is tailored both to Christian pupils who want to share their faith, and to young people who want to investigate Christianity for themselves. Each year, as the grand finale to SHINE, across the UK and Ireland, Christian school groups run SHINE events – whether that’s a Q&A session, a talent show, a stunt rider jumping a row of terrified teachers, or just free pizza and chat – they’re all aimed at giving the whole school the opportunity to explore real Christian faith.

Of course, this year has been a little different… but that hasn’t put a stop to SHINE! COVID-19 can stop SHINE events in schools, but it can’t stop us sharing our faith with our best friends!

So this year, SHINE is going Online.

We have two online events we would love to invite you to. Click on the dropdowns below for more info.

SHINE Online

SHINE Online was a live Zoom training session aimed at inspiring and equipping Christian young people to share their faith with their friends.

That’s a scary prospect. But it doesn’t have to be. At SHINE Online, Christian young people were introduced to a really easy tool to get their non-Christian friends thinking about Jesus. It’s called the Voke App (www.vokeapp.com).

SHINE Online consisted of three short talks and interviews on the ‘Why?’ the ‘How?’ and the ‘What? of sharing our faith, including a ‘how-to’ from Voke content creator, Jonny Somerville. Voke uses clips from the NUA film series (www.nuafilmseries.org) and secure in-app messaging to create a brilliant platform for Christian young people to chat through their friends’ questions about Jesus.

SHINE Online gathered Christian young people from across the UK and Ireland to inspire us all to share the Good News of Jesus with our friends.

Which friend would you love to introduce to Jesus?


Resources Hub

The Voke App

This is a purpose-built app designed by international partners working with SU Ireland, which turns the NUA films (www.nuafilmseries.org) into bite-sized courses for small group discussion via real-time in-app messaging. 

SHINE Online talks and resources

All talks and supporting resources from SHINE Online are now available here!