SHINE is a 3-week video resource designed to equip Chirstian young people to live for God at School and provide opportunities for others to explore the Christian faith for themselves. SHINE is a partnership between Crown Jesus Ministries, Scripture Union NI, Logos Ministries International, Scripture Union England and Wales, Scripture Union Ireland and Scripture Union Scotland. A new 3-part film series is produced each year, focused on a different theme. This year the theme of SHINE is ‘Known.’ 


While the resource can be used at any time of the year, SHINE has been created to run in school and church groups during the month of November. We love the idea of many groups across the UK and Ireland running SHINE at the same time, encouraging one another and sharing stories of what is happening. However, we understand that a specific month may not suit everyone, so please do not feel restricted. 



What does SHINE teach?

This year the theme of SHINE is ‘Known.’ This film series teaches about our desire to be seen and accepted for who we truly are. It explores the challenges of fame and identity while exploring the truth about how God values our uniqueness. This series is a reminder that being real and knowing God can bring a lot of comfort and security. 

What age is SHINE appropriate for?

SHINE is aimed at helping secondary school age young people explore faith.  

How do I run SHINE in my group?

The great news is that this youth resource is very easy to run! After registering your details, you will gain access to the full digital package with videos and a user guide. The user guide is filled with ideas for making the series engaging and provides activities to help young people dig deeper into the theme of the video!  


Once you have had a look at the resource, meet as a team and plan how to make the 3 weeks as interesting as possible. Encourage young people to invite friends to be part of the 3-week experience. 

What if my group are not Christians?

SHINE has been designed to give as many people as possible the opportunity to explore faith for themselves. So don’t panic – the resource is very engaging, relevant and helpful for everybody! 

What do young people think of this resource?

SHINE is one of our most popular resources for secondary school aged young people! Feedback has shown that the resource is relevant and in-touch with reality for young people. It is a great opportunity for them to explore the bible further as it speaks into their lives and leaves a lasting impact.  


One pupil described running Shine and said that one of the difficulties they faced was “managing the number of students and finding a space big enough!” 

Watch the trailer!

Known Teaser from Shine on Vimeo.