Jungle Adventure holiday club

What a wonderful world we live in - we see a glimpse of God’s character and majesty as we look at his fingerprints in the world he created. God reveals who he is before we say anything. As we explore the Bible, we see God communicating through his creation, from speaking through a burning bush, a psalmist in awe of the stars, and Jesus himself using creation to point us to the wonder of who God is.

Jungle Adventure seeks to use the outdoors too as the connection in exploring who Jesus is and the difference that he can make to us.

Jungle Adventure’s aim is to help children discover Jesus, who being God, is the greatest guide ever 

Jungle Adventure takes us on a journey of discovering Jesus, through the eyes of hid disciples, who were called by and experienced first-hand Jesus’ care, provision and deep friendship. As children explore the disciples’ adventure and explore the Bible for themselves, our prayer is that they will discover Jesus as their own guide and friend.

In discovering Jesus being God, as the greatest guide ever we will

  • Help children experience the wonder of meeting Jesus, through exploring his word, the Bible and creation around them
  • Invite children to encounter and respond to the significance of Jesus

What is Jungle Adventure?

  • A five day outdoors Bible based holiday club resource
  • Aimed at all children aged 5-11
  • Five 2 ½ hour sessions
  • Suitable for use by the local church

Jungle Adventure is written for use in an outdoor woodland setting. However, easy adaptions are included for use so it can be used wherever you are.

  • Field or park: A grass area near your church or building
  • Car park: A safe car park you have exclusive use of
  • Indoors: Yes, even indoors

Jungle Adventure explores five Bible stories as we engage in the natural environment - listening, following footprints, watching weather patterns - even painting with berries and sitting around a warm fire. Jungle Adventure is a strongly experiential programme using memorable stories and engaging different learning styles to create a week that children will not forget.

Get your copy of Jungle Adventure now available as a pdf that will be emailed to you. 

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