Missions Development Manager

Lendrick Muir, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross, KY13 0QA


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Welcome to the Missions support page.

I am delighted to be working as SU Scotland’s Missions Development Manager, serving local churches across the nation, helping them to become more effective in their strategic and sustainable mission to children, young people and their families. The potential of these opportunities is very exciting!

Over 1200 children and young people are impacted by our Missions ministry each year around the nation. Our desire is to pioneer new Missions and Holiday Clubs with churches, identifying and growing local leaders to take these events forward.

Partnering with local churches is such a privilege for me, growing events by modelling leadership, identifying leadership, developing leadership and then, passing leadership responsibility to emerging local leaders.

My role involves

  • Exploring with church leadership how we may pioneer mission initiatives to children and young people in their communities. These events are often inter-denominational.
  • Reviewing Mission events and the growing capacity within local church teams, identifying and investing in emerging leadership.
  • Developing leaders through our Mission Leadership Course
  • Developing training resources for Missions and Holiday Club teams
  • Connecting children and young people through Missions into local churches and other SU ministries.
  • Developing Additional Support Needs resources with an experienced team, and delivering training across SU Scotland

I cannot do this alone and would love you to join me by supporting both the work of SU Scotland and, more specifically, my role in one (or maybe more!) of the following ways.

  • Signing up to receive my 3 times a year prayer letter - see sidebar
  • Volunteering to be part of one of our Mission teams 
  • Giving financially to support Missions ministry across SU Scotland – see sidebar 
  • Finding out more about what SU Scotland do