Resources for primary 1 - 3:  

P1 - P3 SU Group
Help start up an SU Group for p1-3 children in your local school so that every child and young person can explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus. 


Resources for primary 4 - 7: 


One Big Story 
An engaging two year programme taking you from Genesis to Revelation 

One Big Question
A growing set of sessions exploring the Bible’s answers to children’s real questions about God 

God's Got This 
Whether it’s a global pandemic or the everyday trials of life, this short series introduces four Bible characters who discovered that God’s got this!


Explore Online 
Focusing on eight key Bible characters, these eight online sessions can be delivered on screen or in person. 


Climate Change of the Heart
A short resource on this important, timely topic to help Christian leaders think and discuss Climate Change with their young people. Let’s be a part of God’s solution, not the problem!