Come on holiday with us! Are you looking for a fun way to spend a whole week of your school holidays, or just a change of scene for the weekend? SU Holidays are a great way to get away and enjoy a holiday with others your own age.

In p5 - S6 or know someone who is?

We'd like to introduce you to our holiday programme, with events across Scotland during the school holidays (Easter, summer and the October break). 

Activities ranged from abseiling to music-making, kayaking to crafts – some holidays specialise, others had lots of everything. Great food, good friends, caring leaders and time to explore faith are a feature of every single event.

We have been running holidays for children and young people in Scotland for many decades and have great credentials. Around 2000 young people come on holiday with us year.

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Join a local weekend and enjoy great activities, good food and time to explore the Christian faith together.

Come with friends from school or come on your own - our weekends are a great place to enjoy time away with people from your own group and to make new friends.

Every year, over 1,500 children and young people enjoy an SU Scotland residential experience on one of over 40 weekends. These events are run locally by regional offices and some of our associated trusts. The programme for the current year can be found in our events section. If you are interested in next year, similar events will be running, so please contact your local office.

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Let us do the donkey work!

Are you a youth worker? We’d love to partner with you to plan a holiday event for your group. Recently we put together a brand new resource pack, designed to help youth workers – anyone who works with young people in churches, schools and youth groups – to plan a holiday or weekend event.

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What’s happening this summer at Motiv8? Our Motiv8 Holidays are for children and young people from priority areas - communities significantly affected by poverty.

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