Scripture Union operates in over 130 countries around the world, introducing children and young people to Jesus.

Although the gospel never changes, each culture expresses it in a particular way and so the work is carried out through local people in ways which are appropriate to the country, culture and situation in which a movement is based. This includes running camps, school seminars and student groups or producing resources for Bible reading, family counselling, AIDS education, urban children and youth ministry and ministry to the handicapped.

Scripture Union is an autonomous organisation in each country, linked together by Scripture Union International. It is primarily a volunteer organisation with a small number of full-time staff training, encouraging and coordinating ministry workers around the world.

Open Bible - Ukraine

SU Scotland is building strong links with Scripture Union in Ukraine, known as Open Bible. Many of our staff and volunteers have worked on short term projects with the staff and volunteers in Ukraine. Open Bible is a vibrant SU movement led by a Baptist pastor (a pastor of pastors who oversees and mentors many younger leaders), Grigori Stupak. Through his leadership and the vision and efforts of his team, most notably Oksana Khimich, the work amongst children and young people has flourished at Vorzel. But they have been continually hampered by lack of resources, spiralling inflation, unstable economy and political upheaval. 

The campsite in Vorzel is always a great place for summer camps, and many folks from Scotland have had their lives changed at these events.


Pray for SU movements across the world

SU International creates a general prayer diary for the movement across the world, in addition to many country or region specific prayer diaries. You can subscribe to these on our mailings page.