We believe passionately in the significant role that holidays and weekends can play in a young person’s life.

Recently we put together a brand new resource pack, designed to help youth workers – anyone who works with young people in churches, schools and youth groups – to plan a holiday or weekend event.

Planning A Holiday

Planning a holiday?

We have been organising holiday events and residentials for over 70 years with the aim of providing young people with an excellent holiday and an opportunity to explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus. We believe we have built up significant experience and a trusted reputation in this area and long to see it continue developing!

We'd love to hear about your work with young people and offer you our experience and expertise in organising holidays and residentials to help you develop your work!

Whether you have experience in organising residentials or holidays for your young people already, or have never explored residential opportunities before, we can help you explore the options and benefits available, and/or work with you to develop your current programmes.

Contact our holidays team to discuss how we can help.