SU Scotland recognise God's keen concern for those at the margins. We are committed to partnering with others for effective ministry with children and young people whose life experience can mean fewer choices, resources and opportunities

Children and young people across Scotland experience life at the margins for a variety of reasons. SU Scotland are bringing a focus onto priority communities, priority schools and priority young people, considering how we may remove or reduce barriers to young people engaging in SU Scotland ministry, and how we may partner with churches and others working with priority children and young people. 

Over the coming years, we have identified six areas where young people can be marginalised

Additional Support Needs

  • 34% of children and young people in Scottish schools have a noted ASN


  • 25% of children and young people in Scotland live in relative poverty. This is projected to rise to 38% by 2030

Affected by imprisonment

  • over 16 000 children and young people in Scotland are living today with a parent in prison


  • thousands of displaced peoples from now live in Scotland. As of July 2022, over 21 000 visas had been issued for Ukrainians alone


  • as of July 2022, over 12 000 children and young people were looked after

Ethnic minority

  • simply through the colour of their skin, a young person can experience being marginalised 


With these in mind, we run a range of activities and programmes specifically aimed at young people experiencing disadvantage.


Help us make a difference in priority schools across Scotland, of which we have identified 411 (241 primary, 43 secondary and 127 special).

We would love to see the number of SU Groups increase in priority schools. Since COVID restrictions have eased, we have been working hard to start new or re-start existing SU Groups across the country. 

Could you help support an SU Group in a priority school near you?

How you can get involved…

  • Volunteer in a school. If you're interested in helping or starting an SU Group in a priority school, please contact us.
  • Please pray for a priority school. Prayer for Schools Scotland page will help you register and join our national network of pray-ers. 
Motiv8 Holidays

We provide a programme of significantly discounted holidays, designed specifically for young people who live in priority communities. These are often life-changing weeks for those who attend, as for the volunteers who help to lead.

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Motiv8 Holidays provide a great experience for young people who live in priority communities who are likely to require extra support and unlikely to flourish within an advertised SU Holiday. They differ from our other Holidays in that:

  • Children and young people are referred rather than booked directly
  • Partners send adults on the team whom the young people already know
  • There is a higher ratio of adults to young people than at other SU Holidays (two adults to five young people)
  • The team arrive at least a day before the young people for training

How can you get involved?

Local partnerships

SU Scotland has played an important role in the development of two projects helping to make a difference in the lives of young people in priority communities in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Junction 12

Junction 12 aims to establish and develop caring, nurturing relationships with young people aged 10–18 in the East end of Glasgow and to enable them to make positive and healthy choices in every area of their lives.

J12 employs five people and works with a group of committed volunteers who willingly give their time and energy.

The project offers a range of activities within schools and community. Working in partnership with local churches, Junction 12's regular activities include drop ins, emotional and behavioural support groups, SU Groups, outings, detached work and residential events.


Ferrywell Youth Project

Ferrywell Youth Project (FYP) aims that young people in the Pilton, Muirhouse and Drylaw area of Edinburgh will be valued and supported to live their lives characterised by positive, healthy and responsible choices and have a significant impact on the community - including active engagement with local churches and other agencies.

In addition to the group of passionate volunteers who give of their time, FYP employ three people.

The project offers a range of activities within schools and community. Working in partnership with local churches, FYP's regular activities include youth groups, SU Groups and other small groups in schools, drop ins, one to one support, outings and residential events. 



SU Scotland seek to initiate Mission partnerships with churches serving in priority communities. Many families increasingly are experiencing food insecurity during school holidays, and so we seek to support churches to feed children and families as well as offering a Bible based holiday club programme.   

Food insecurity Missions provide a tangible opportunity for the local church to meet very real family needs during school holidays, by providing plentiful and nutritious meals in a safe and welcoming environment, in addition to offering a fantastic primary aged holiday club.

SU Scotland partner with local churches to provide leadership of such Mission events and will seek to develop local people over the coming years, enabling the growth of a local team for ongoing sustainable mission.

If you would be interested to explore how SU Scotland may be able to partner with your church, or churches in your community, please contact us.