Choices surround us every day. What will I have for breakfast? Which socks will I wear? Will I go to that event on Saturday? Some choices are easy, almost automatic. And some are difficult and have us totally wrapped up in knots and hoping someone else will just choose for us!

What about the choice to accept or reject Jesus?

Question to consider:

If you have never accepted Jesus' offer to be your Saviour, what do you think holds you back?

If you already know Jesus in this way, how are you doing with the daily choice to live his way?

Choosing Jesus - whether for the first time, or choosing to live for him every day - is much more important than which socks you choose. It's a choice which demands examining the Bible, asking questions, and testing to see if it's true.


Digging Deeper

The Bible says choosing Jesus is the most important choice you could ever make. It's natural then to give this more consideration than whether to go for a chunky KitKat or a Twirl!

Look at this passage from Luke 14.25-33 where Jesus talks about the cost of being a disciple, and how we should consider carefully whether we will follow him.

  1. Jesus suggests people must "hate" their family in order to follow him, yet the Ten Commandments demanded people love their mother and father. Do you think Jesus means we are to hate our relatives, or something else? What might that be?
  2. Jesus says we must "take up our own cross" to follow him, which is a reference to the sacrifice he will make by dying on a cross. What do you think Jesus means by this?
  3. Jesus then mentions two examples - a builder and a king - and suggests neither would start a project without first working out if they could finish it. Jesus is telling us that choosing him is a lifelong commitment and will involve a cost to us. What things do you think you might have to give up to follow Jesus?
  4. The most important thing to consider is whether Jesus is worth it! In this passage Jesus tells us he is there for all of us who find life hard sometimes, who feel overburdened and in need of deep rest. He tells us that he is a gentle Saviour, that he will give us rest and a light load, and that he can bring us to real relationship with the Father. There is nobody better to trust your life to. Do you think Jesus is worth it?


Jonny gave us a prayer in the video for us to pray if we want to accept Jesus as our Saviour - whether for the first time or to recommit ourselves to following him. If you choose, you could watch the end of the video again and pray this prayer for yourself. If you do we'd love to hear from you! Send us an email, or share with a trusted friend or youth worker.