Has the universe always existed, or was there a specific time when all of this started? Both science and faith point to a precise beginning (Genesis 1:1). If so, then it’s fair to suggest that something caused things to kick off, and that this powerful creative force must therefore be beyond the universe itself.

Questions to consider:

Do you enjoy having conversations about the existence of God and how our Universe came to be? Why or why not?

Do you think it’s possible to be passionate about science and faith? Why or why not?

Having a faith does not mean you have to ignore science. Science helps us understand how and when the universe came to be. Faith is about exploring who created it and why. Scientifically speaking, the chances of our universe supporting life are incredibly small. So, either we are the product of chance, or someone wanted us to exist. It is mind boggling chance, or breath taking design.  If we were in fact created by God, then the next question is why?

Digging Deeper

Read these verses and make a list of the things they teach us about God. Once you've done this, can you begin to answer the question of why we were created?

Genesis 1:27

Isaiah 6:3

Isaiah 43:7

Romans 1:20 


The short answer that is echoed through the whole Bible is: God created the world and everything in it for his glory. We were created in his image, to reflect who he is. Images are made to display something of the original, like the Greyfriars Bobby statue in Edinburgh - a representation of the real thing, reminding us of who he was. In the same way, we are like statues on earth, pointing to and glorifying the original. Imagine that?! In all our brokenness, we as 'glorious ruins' display the glory of God. And it's not just us, Jonny reminded us in the video that the entire universe declares his glory! God has given us the gift of his creation, which sings of his creativity and design. No one has ever looked up at a sky full of stars and thought how amazing human beings are! That's the point, creation is not about us, it's about him.  Science gives us the how and when, faith in our awe-inspiring creator God gives us the who and why.