Growing the team: our focus for 2016-19

Growing the SU Scotland team has come to the fore as our strategic priority and I believe we need to approach this — and all we do as SU Scotland — with a new boldness.

Over the last two decades at SU Scotland our strategies have sought to drive the ministry forward. Indeed, we can take heart as we come to the end of the current strategic cycle that much has been achieved in the last 5 years. 

As the Management Team and the Board considered the next strategic period we were very keen to embrace a theme that we have been reflecting and praying upon in the last year or so, which we believe God is endorsing, and that is the concept of boldness. This is something that rises to the surface many times in the book of Acts.  

In addition we also wanted to shorten the strategic cycle from 5 to 3 years and be much more focused and intentional in what we are trying to achieve. 

We believe strongly in our vision and values as well as the various ministries that we are engaged in; however, it is clear we could do so much more if only we had more resources. More volunteers, more staff, more supporters, more partners all with an increasing commitment to what we do.  

So, as you read about “Growing the SU Scotland team”, I hope you will capture the excitement of what we want to see over the next 3 years, that you will join with us in prayer, and that we will all step out in boldness as we seek to serve our great God.

Gordon Brown, Chair

SU Scotland Board of Trustees

Growing the team infographic

Our major focus for 2016-2019

Growing the SU Scotland Team: young people, volunteers, staff and supporters

  • Young people: investing in young people to be confident and committed followers of Jesus and helping them develop as leaders.
  • Volunteers: envisioning, recruiting and equipping 300 new volunteers so that increasing numbers of children and young people will be exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus, especially in Scottish schools.
  • Leadership: developing leadership and a culture of learning in our staff team so that volunteers and young people are better trained and supported and ministry is multiplied.
  • Supporters: Inspiring and recruiting hundreds more supporters who will pray and give, partnering with us to provide the resources needed to help fulfil our vision.
How will SU Scotland look in three years’ time?

Our commitment to growing the team - in terms of numbers, character, knowledge and skills - should lead to: -

  • Increased confidence - the SU Scotland Team demonstrating confidence in the gospel and boldness in adopting fresh approaches to sharing it.
  • More young people in leadership roles - primarily in leading school SU Groups but also in planning and running of events.
  • Greater numbers of well-equipped volunteers – increased commitment to resourcing and supporting volunteers with evidence in increased numbers of school SU Groups.
  • Greater evidence of a mind-set of intentional development and equipping of others –increased numbers of: gap year participants; young people in study groups for senior pupils; children and young people engaging in more than one SU Scotland ministry context.
  • Increased numbers and variety of partnership with local churches – we’ll have seen development of more and stronger SU Scotland Associate Trusts, different forms of missions, more SU Holidays that involve partnerships with churches, and more churches serving their local schools
  • Increased awareness of God’s world and commitment to the global ministry of SU - a high profile celebration of SU’s 150th anniversary which has legacy effects in increased prayer, giving and engagement with SU worldwide.
  • Increased numbers of those supporting SU Scotland with prayer and finance - including the recruitment of 500 new donors in the first year of the strategy.