Lighting up Scotland: creating life-changing outcomes for children and young people

As we begin each new academic year, there are fresh opportunities to communicate the unchanging message of the Christian faith in contemporary ways that connect with children and young people and build on the longstanding heritage of Scripture Union ministry in Scotland.

In preparation for the next three years of ministry, we have taken time to pray, to listen to people of all ages and to reimagine how best to respond to the opportunities in front of us.

In having to survive a season or two with so many of our activities being cancelled or taken online, we’ve had a unique chance to reflect on what makes them so important and beneficial and to reimagine how we can make them even better going forward.

We’re excited that the plans in our strategy contain new elements. We’re equally excited that there are many familiar, tried and tested activities that we want to rebuild and grow to even faith in contemporary ways that connect with children and young people.

Our goal and prayer is that, during 2021 to 2024 we will see significant expansion in the number of connections we are able to make, exploring the Bible with thousands more children and young people in person and through online programmes and lighting up Scotland, one young life at a time.

Rev James Dewar, SU Scotland Board of Trustees

Robin MacLellan - SU Scotland CEO 

Strategy in 1,2,3,4…

Our 3 Priorities for 2021-2024

ONE: Rebuild

We’re going to reimagine and rebuild ministry following Covid-19 by...

  • Delivering brilliant residential programmes and day events

  • Supporting thriving pupil groups meeting in schools and local communities

  • Making a full return to equipping and discipleship training

  • Building stronger connections between our different activities for young people on their journey of discovery, response and Christian service

  • Developing quality resources for use in person and online

TWO: Focus

We are focussing on…

  • Digital: Creating content and events to reach and connect with C&YP where they are, all year round 
  • Disadvantaged: Increasing provision for disadvantaged groups and those with additional support needs 

THREE: Invest

We are investing in…

  • Enabling young people to become confident followers of Jesus and future Christian influencers

Key Activities:


  • Outdoor Centres: Rebuild residential activities and expand provision of day events and outreach programmes
  • SU Holidays, Weekends and Day events: Rebuild breadth and depth of quality residential and day events to host even more children and young people “C&YP”

  • National Ministries: Connect with more C&YP in schools and in their communities through growing relationships, groups and developing high quality resources

  • Missions: Partner with churches to deliver more missions and holiday clubs where C&YP can have fun and learn about Jesus

  • Magnitude Festival: Raise a generation of C&YP secure in their identity and purpose in God’s plan through hosting an in-person youth festival each summer

  • Young Leader Development: Grow our discipleship and leadership training programme and extend the age range to 25 years old

  • Digital: Build on our lockdown experience by investing in digital ministry and connections to support our face-to-face activities

  • Ministry at the Margins: Develop our approach and increase our capacity and competence to work with more C&YP from disadvantaged backgrounds or with additional support needs