Looking for SU Scotland events and activities on your doorstep? You’ve come to the right place! We want to help you connect with local activities and find ways of taking part, volunteering and praying for what’s going on.

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Meet the people that make it all happen. Find your region, then let the Regional Worker do the introductions and explain what’s happening in the schools, churches and communities near you.

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Associate Workers

Often Associate Workers focus on one town or location, rather than a whole region. They work for local trusts  (often a group of churches) in partnership with SU Scotland.

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Local Area Workers

Local Area Workers are volunteers with a specific role to work in schools and communities, supporting, leading and resourcing others.

SU Scotland is an organisation of volunteers. The majority of SU Groups are led, week by week, by volunteers such as teachers, parents, senior pupils and students. A local area worker is a volunteer who is able to give more time to serving within a specific location.

Thier work involves resourcing, praying and encouraging other volunteers. Additionally, according to individual gifting, they may take assemblies and RE classes, organise after-school events or weekends away.

We are looking for people with a heart to share God’s love, personal integrity and an ability to relate to school staff as well as children and young people. If you feel that God is calling you to this role, please contact your local Regional Worker to discuss the possibilities and find out more information.

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