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The Great Glen Green Welly Garden Show Holiday Club looks at the epic unfolding story in the Bible of Gods relationship with us.

From God’s beautiful creation to us falling short on every possible level, from our attempts to get back to what was, to Jesus offering restoration of our relationship with God and the world in which we live and our hope for the future.

The Great Glen Green Welly Garden Show aim is to help children understand God’s big plan for his beautiful world… including YOU!

The Great Glen Green Welly Garden Show gives children the overarching storyline of Scripture. We discover the perfect world God created and how our relationship with him and the world became irreversibly damaged. Despite attempts to rectify this, we discover that Jesus is the only One who brings hope and can restore it.

As children explore the biblical overview, our prayer is that they will find themselves in the story, understanding God’s love for them through the significance of what Jesus has done, and personally respond to him.

What is The Great Glen Green Welly Garden Show?

  • A five day outdoors Bible-based holiday club resource that can also be used indoors
  • A programme for 5-11 year old children
  • Five 2.5 hour sessions 
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Have a sneaky peak of our opening pages where we introduce the characters and set the scene. You can also take a look at the first day.