Come and join us on an Easter Adventure!  

This is a holiday club style event, lasting two and a half hours, written with P4s to P7s in mind. The resource could be used by churches, messy church teams or holiday club teams. The programme takes the children on a journey from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, and includes an introductory activity, drama's, games, Bible teaching, crafts and songs, finishing with group time and a Bible devotional booklet for the children to take home.  

The resource aims to engage the children with all of their senses and bring to life what Easter is really all about! It draws on the prophecies of the Old Testament, and shows that none of the events of the Easter week were an accident but very much in the mind and heart of God from the beginning. Whether hearing about the events of that week for the first time, or not, this is an adventure not to be missed! Our prayer is that children will be keen to carry on the adventure at future events. 

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