Bible Reflections | Gratitude

In SU Scotland, after fifteen months of pandemic, much uncertainty, almost constant planning, advertising, cancelling and planning all over again – is it possible to have an attitude of gratitude!

Bible Reflections | God can work Miracles at any Time

Paul spent a couple of weeks in Troas on the west coast of Turkey. He was staying with a much friendlier bunch than the rioters he experienced in Ephesus in the previous chapter so Paul would have been sharing stories...

Bible Reflections | God's Got This

We have been going through the God's Got This resource that was written last term for SU groups to use during these restricted months, which includes narratives about Joseph, Elijah and Paul, all who lived through some sort of lockdown experience. Of course, the good news is in the title: God’s got this… he really does!

Bible Reflections | Certainty in this time of Uncertainty

Even though this year hasn’t been great, I am very glad to be a Christian in these times. It gives me hope of something greater than all of this. It gives me certainty in these times of uncertainty. I have the hope of eternal life that has been given to me as a gift from God.