Growing the team of donors - an old aquaintance

All our SU Scotland supporters are partners with us in fulfilling the vision to help children and young people explore the Bible and respond to Jesus. Our desire is to draw more partners alongside us in this ministry; people who...

Give As You... Holiday?

Through a connection to one of the actual racing drivers, a friend and fellow SU Scotland supporter managed to get us cheap(ish) tickets to the Formula One race in Austria. This can only mean one thing… Boys' Holiday! So, this...

Man on a mission

Alan Myles is a man on a mission. Living in the Cairngorms with his young family, Alan works with schools at Alltnacriche and is also the Regional Worker for an area that stretches from the Outer Hebrides across the country...

Top tips for starting uni

Do as I say not as I do. I learn by doing, therefore learn by making mistakes. Maybe this life methodology is why I am a sceptical follower of advice and fashion. But being over 30 and a father, I am in a position to liberally douse any victim who happens to be in the way with advice, even though I would scarcely have heeded it myself.

Old men dream dreams

I have some very strange dreams. I was recounting one of the worst the other day. It was a dream I had well over 10 years ago and it involved biker pigs (stay with me here). The members of this tattooed ovine club relentlessly chased me. As I ran and ran, the dream progressed and I filled with dread of the physical violence that would surely be bestowed upon me, for no discernible reason.