Giggles of Gratitude

I recently found myself giggling at my computer screen. I had just received an email updating me on some recent donations to SU Scotland and was giggling as I was touched by the generosity this email represented.

This was not a miracle like the stories of an envelope landing on the doorstep of a family in need with the exact amount of money in it. I was giggling as this was another type of miracle. A miracle made possible by thousands of people from all ends of the social and economic spectrum, all believing in the same need – the need for the children and young people of Scotland to explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus.

Working for SU Scotland over the past year I have witnessed wealthy people making large donations and the charity of those increasing their gift from £5 to £6 each month. I have talked with people who have included the ministry in their Will and those who have made a gift in memory of a loved one. I have said thank you to first time donors and those who have been giving regularly for over thirty years.

We are all giving from different circumstances. I was giggling at the generosity you have shown for those we work with. It comes in so many different forms, unites us and is overwhelmingly encouraging.

So, this is a blog post to say thank you!

In times when the news is full of stories of economic woe – thank you for giving.

In times when traditional ministry has been thrown in the air – thank you for giving.

When our centres are in danger – thank you for giving.

When young people need additional support – thank you for giving.

And for those of you who will support ministry through the next difficult financial year – thank you for giving.

I especially want to say thank you to those who give each month. Regular giving is key to enabling the work to have a lasting impact. Thank you to our regular supporters on behalf of the staff and their families who can work in the confidence that their jobs are secure. Thank you on behalf of the teams who have been able to look forward and develop a new strategy for the coming years. Thank you on behalf of the children and young people who will be introduced to the life affirming hope of Christ as a result.

I hope you know how much you are valued.

I would also love to hear the motivation behind your giving. If you have time, please email me your story at

My final thank you is personal. Thank you for the joy which made me giggle.

Dave Page

Support Development Officer

SU Scotland