Hi, I’m Megan Randall—that's me on the right! I spent the first half of my SU Scotland Gap Year based in Edinburgh.

I have been involved in schools work in the city, which has been a great experience so far. I spend most of my time visiting SU Groups and have attended the same ones consistently. I have really enjoyed getting to know the children and young people, and it has been really interesting to see how the different groups work!

I am learning that the smaller groups are just as valuable as the larger ones. While it is important to try and reach as many children as possible, it has been a total joy to watch the friendships that develop in the smaller groups—friendships that might not have happened without SU!

I have also helped deliver Bible Alive to a Primary 6 class, which involved going in every week for seven weeks and sharing the story of the whole Bible with the children. I really enjoyed this despite the more difficult aspects—such as classroom management.

I grew up being taught these Bible stories from before I can properly remember, which is a privilege many children don’t have. It has been amazing watching children listen to the more classic Sunday school Bible stories for the first time and respond to them.

Getting to see children and young people hear about the Bible for the first time (they generally find the Bible is not what they expected!) has definitely reminded me not to assume that most children would know a Bible story and not to take the knowledge I grew up with for granted! I’m looking forward to the next element of my Gap Year at Lendrick Muir. 

Megan Randall | Gap Year 2023/24

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