MSYP Missives

Hello everyone, One of the things discussed at the most recent Sitting was the need for urgent change to the way Religious Education is taught in schools, particularly for those beginning their education (i.e. in primary school). I am sure...

MSYP Missives: March Sitting

Hello everyone, The reason this blog post is slightly later than I intended is because it has taken me a good few weeks to process the sheer enthusiasm and interest in politics seen at the latest Scottish Youth Parliament sitting....

MSYP Missives: Poverty

How many of us, when we hear the word ‘poverty’, see a montage of Christian Aid / Save The Children / Compassion adverts in glorious technicolor, bringing a tear to our eyes and tugging gently on our heartstrings? How many...

MSYP Missives: The Importance of Participation

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) operates on the basis that its members (MSYPs) collate the opinions of those they represent, be that in their constituencies (place they live) or those involved in their National Voluntary Organisation.

MSYP Missives: Gender Equality

At the most recent SYP sitting (October 2015), the Equalities Committee, of which I am the Depute Convenor, voted to write a Member’s Motion (draft policy) focusing on gender equality in the workplace. The Bible teaches that man and women are made with different skills and abilities which compliment each other and are vital in equal measure to fulfil the potential God intended.