This page has been put together to help you with fundraising for COmMISSION. With a bit of effort and imagination, you raise a surprising amount in no time! 

You are about to take part in a life-changing year where you will grow as a follower of Jesus and as a leader. This is amazingly exciting for you and also those who know you, including your church. 

Talking of church... how you grow through COmMISSION will benefit your church, so it's a good idea to contact them first and let them know that you've been invited to take part. Explain to those in leadership what target you have set and ask for their support to reach the goal. This conversation will help shape your fundraising plans and could result in a significant contribution.  Remember – church is family – and families help each other out. 

Talking of families... you can ask your family and friends to help out too. They may make a gift there and then, or if not, they may be very useful to helppull together a fundraising event. 

Talking of fundraising events... this pack contains some weird and wonderful ideas for raising some cash and helping people to have a fun time too! Many of the ideas in this pack are suitable in a church setting - either in your youth group or with the whole church family. Let as many people as possible know that you're involved in COmMISSION so that they can support and pray for you.  

Talking of support... If you know someone else planning to do COmMISSION, why not work together? They may struggle to raise money from family or maybe you go to a tiny church, so the more you can raise together the more you can help each other out. 

Making a Start: the 6 Golden Rules of Raising Funds  

  1. Be enthusiastic and get excited. Having someone doing things with you can really help. The more you enjoy it, the more other people will too. 
  2. Be realistic about what you can achieve. A few small money-raising schemes may be more effective than one major extravaganza which could fall flat.  
  3. Be prepared to work hard in order to raise the cash – it's not always going to fall into your lap.  
  4. Be creative! You do not have to reinvent the wheel – but do use the gifts that God has given you, and involve as many other people (with gifts that you don't have) as you can.  
  5. Be thankful – to God and to those who have given. Whatever the size of their contribution a thank you card or hug can go a long way.  
  6. Be a planner. Things will work better if you think ahead, organise and have a Plan A and a Plan B. 

Below are some ideas for fundraising, and if you want any support from SU Scotland, need to ask questions, or want a chat, please email Dave Clipston, or get in touch with Dave Page who know all about the ups and downs of raising funds. 


These are just a few ideas... for more ideas see our Fundraising Page! 

  • Ask people to organise an event on your behalf – however don’t be lazy, get involved! Ask folk to bake for a bake sale or hold a coffee morning for you.
  • How about a church BBQ? You are not allowed to charge per burger, but you can encourage people to make suggested donations or sell tickets.
  • A karaoke night with your youth group, or your friends' parents who love ABBA.
  • Make something to sell. Craft a fabric brooch, weave a friendship band, write a personalised poem, sculpt a... you get the idea.
  • Gunge the minister - but not in the pulpit and only with their permission.
  • Organise a game of football, dodgeball or mini-golf. You could even make a trophy!
  • Pizza! Everyone loves pizza. Pizza and a movie, pizza and a quiz, pizza and a Fifatournament, pizza and anything. 
  • Mow people's lawns, wash cars, babysit, tutor maths, paint nails – offer your services for a fee. If you let folk know it is for your COmMISSIONexperience, they may even add in a big tip! 
  • Sponsored anything. Silence, walking, singing... anything.


Gift Aid 

If you fancy adding 25p to each £1 you raise, you can utilise gift aid which is available to most UK tax payers. Our sponsorship forms have a section for gift aid, which is also available if people make a gift online. 


How to Give 

Depending on what you do, you will collect funds in a variety of forms. Cheques (made payable to SU Scotland) can be posted to Commission, SU Scotland, 70 Milton Street, Glasgow, G4 0HR, with a letter letting us know what it is for. Cash is a bit harder as this should not be posted, but you can pop into any SU Scotland Office to hand it in. 

Folk can also support you online. Let them know that they should state that the gift is for COmMISSION and include your name. You can even set up a Just Giving page at which will keep track of both your online and offline gifts. This is great for sponsored events.