Young Leaders Development Coordinator

70 Milton Street, Glasgow G4 0HR
T: 0141 352 7646

Whether you stumbled across this page by accident, or actively searched it out, thanks for having a look!

At SU Scotland, we’re passionate about discipleship. We believe that following Jesus and learning to be like him is right at the heart of the Christian faith and are committed to helping young people discover what it means to follow Jesus as both Saviour and Lord and how we live our lives as his followers.

My role is both exciting and new. Our key strategy for 2016-19 is “growing the team” and as part of that my focus will be on growing the next generation in discipleship and leadership. I’ll be working across the organisation, nurturing a culture of discipleship and ensuring that our leadership development and discipleship programmes are as intentional and effective as possible.

As with all our work at SU Scotland, we’re looking to provide opportunities for individuals, but also to work with churches and other groups to serve and equip our young people well.

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