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Discipling young people is a crucial part of SU Scotland's ministry and our COmMISSION programme aims to do this with various events during the year. Please consider if you have any young people in this age bracket in your church who would benefit from this training. It will increase their knowledge of the Bible, help them grow in confidence in their faith, show them some really practical ways of playing a positive role on a team and introduce them to a peer group of Christian young people who will encourage them in their walk with Jesus.


  • WWLM12 - Ayrshire Primary Weekend Away, 27-29 April, 2018

          A weekend at Lendrick Muir for P5-P7 pupils in Ayrshire

  • WWLM8 - Ayrshire Secondary Weekend Away, 2-4 November, 2018

          A weekend at Lendrick Muir for S1-S6 pupils in Ayrshire

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SU Groups

There are SU Groups currently running in schools throughout north, east and south Ayrshire and I'm really grateful to all the volunteers who help run them week by week. SU Groups can form part of a school’s ‘informal curriculum’, often meeting at lunchtimes and sometimes after school. Having an SU Group is something I have found Head Teachers keen to have as part of the school community because of the atmosphere created in the group, how inclusive the groups are and because they can be a ‘safe’ place for pupils to be.

What ‘type’ of group is run depends a lot on who is running the group… some group leaders are crafty, some love telling stories, others will have space to play games, some sit round a table and chat while they eat lunch. There are still gaps where it would be great to see new SU Groups, and where schools are keen, but there is currently no one to lead a group.

I’d be delighted to hear from you:

  • if you want to know if there is currently a group in your local school;
  • if you are a parent, teacher or chaplain interested in starting a group in your school;
  • if you are interested in finding out more about being part of an existing team;
  • if you currently run a group and are looking for support, ideas or to find out how to involve your group in wider SU events.

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I am always keen to visit schools to assist with delivery of Religious Observance (Time for Reflection), whether as part of an assembly, pupil conference, reflective space, or Christian festival.

Please get in touch if you have a responsibility for RO in your school or are a chaplain and would like to work with us in the delivery this.

For more information on opportunities and resources available to schools from SU Scotland, please order a copy of our Explore Together brochure from this office, or download one here.


One of my aims for SU Scotland in Ayrshire is to resource the local church in order that they might reach the children and young people in their communities. Please get in touch if you would like my support in equipping youth leaders, or if you would like your youth group invited to our events.

Serve Your Local School

The number of churches in Ayrshire greatly outnumbers the number of schools – wouldn’t it be great if every school could benefit from the support of their local church? For creative, practical, and realistic ways in which your congregation can support their local school, please visit our Serve Your Local School website.


I am very keen to see prayer groups established for all the schools in the area. These could be groups of young people praying for their own school, groups of parents praying for the school(s) their children attend, or a church group praying for their local school. It could meet weekly, monthly or termly, before school, during the day or in an evening, depending on what suits the pray-ers.

If you are involved in a prayer group for a local school, or if you are interested in setting one up, please get in touch using my contact details above or visit our Pray for Schools Scotland page.

Similarly if you are involved in a group where schools and the work of SU Scotland is supported in prayer and would like to be kept up dated with prayer points please get in touch.