Fundraising for SU Scotland is a simple concept; you play, others give. While you have fun bathing in baked beans, hosting an elegant dinner or climbing to misty mountain tops, you can fundraise and play a vital part in enabling us to deliver our ministry. Your contribution can make a real difference to the children and young people of Scotland.

You can celebrate the past and invest in the future with our current 150 Appeal, or raise funds for a national project, local ministry, or any aspect of SU Scotland you are passionate about.

On this page are resources that we hope will help you in your fundraising endeavours, forged from the experiences of those who have gone before you. Be inspired by the possibilities, and let us know your plans so we can spread the word, and of course remember you and your event in prayer. The sky is the limit.

320 Myles Scotland Map

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320 Myles


Regional Worker Alan Myles loves cycling. His idea of fun was to cycle 320 miles around all the mainland schools in the Moray and South Highlands and Islands region, which made this cycle rather challenging…

His mountainous route from coast to coast and halfway back again, took place over a long weekend. In these four days and 320 miles, he climbed more than the height of Everest! Click below to read more of the story.

Pre-cycle: Man on a mission

Day 1: Day One on the bike

Day 2: High’s and low’s in cycling

Day 3: Pressing on to reach the goal

Day 4: Where to next time?

Fundraising partners

We also partner with some social enterprises who give donations to SU Scotland through their business operations. Searching online? Going shopping? Getting rid of your old car? A ‘free’ donation could be on its way to SU Scotland.

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