Find out about The Wee Celebration!


At SU Scotland, we love to celebrate! It is true, we do!

We rejoice in stories of young people coming to faith at SU Holidays and Missions over the summer, in volunteers stepping up to lead new Connect Groups, in marvellous developments at our residential centres and a host of other reasons. These are just some of the excuses why we gather together and celebrate what God is doing through SU Scotland!

The Wee Celebration is back and bigger than ever! We’ve teamed up with Kevin Flynn from The Great British Bake-Off, to create a pack that will give you everything you need to host your own Wee Celebration (including 6 exclusive baking recipes!).

A Wee Celebration is an event that can be run from your house, church, school, or just about anywhere you’d like, to celebrate the way that God has been at work through SU Scotland, and to raise vital funds for the continued work of the organisation.

Your event could transform the lives of young people like Emily* who attended our Magnitude festival: ‘I didn’t believe in Jesus, and I had my happy moments here and there, but I was overall alone and somewhat unhappy…Within 5 days, magnitude has changed my life. For the better. I encountered God and his love. And I felt genuine happiness which I was seeking for so very long. I am so happy…Thank you.’

Could you throw a Wee Celebration, support SU Scotland and help to change the lives of children and young people?

Sign up below to receive your very own Wee Celebration pack, including a tote bag, and all the resources you need to run your own event. We also have downloadable resources, including bonus quiz rounds and posters. We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of you and your friends celebrating together!

If you'd like to find out more or share your Wee Celebration ideas with us, please email:

Prize Packs

Why not host your own Wee Celebration baking competition? You can order one of our prize packs which contain a Wee Celebration apron and two SU Scotland badges for your winner, and a wooden spoon for your runner up! They cost just £18 (including postage).

You can place your order HERE!

Video Downloads

Below you will find a few videos that you can use to advertise The Wee Celebration and to show at your event to showcase the work of SU Scotland. To download, click the word Vimeo on each video which will take you to the Vimeo website. From there, you can select the option to download. 

Download a digital pack

Inside your digital pack you will find a step-by-step guide, posters, recipe cards, promotional images, digital and table-top quizzes, plus bunting and cake labels to help you decorate!


Request A Wee Celebration Fundraising Pack

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*Name has been changed


All the money raised from your Wee Celebration event will go to the work of SU Scotland. Unless stated otherwise, the donations will go to the General Fund. This allocation means that the funds can be used wherever the need is greatest in the organisation. 

If you would like your donation to go to a specific area of ministry, region, or staff member, please indicate that when you send in your donation. 

The Wee Celebration doesn’t have a specific date, instead the packs are given to you as a resource to run your own fundraising event whenever you would like to. There is no deadline on when you need to have run your Wee Celebration event by. 


The prize packs contain a ‘Wee Celebration’ apron, 2 magnetic SU Scotland badges, and a wooden spoon (for your runner up!). They cost just £18 (including postage). You can place an order by filling in this form and we’ll send you a link via email for payment to complete your order.

We’ve included videos about the work of SU Scotland on the webpage above. We also include some information flyers in the physical packs. If you would like more resources, please email