Local Schools Worker, Airdrie & Coatbridge

70 Milton St, Glasgow, G4 0HR
T: 01236 842162


I work with schools in the Airdrie and Coatbridge area, supporting them in a number of ways. I enjoy leading assemblies which help the spiritual development of the whole school as well as working with individual classes for Religious and Moral Education, which is a key part of the Curriculum for Excellence.

We want lessons to be exciting and involving and I spend much of my time presenting a fantastic programme called Bible Alive. These lessons take P6 and P7 pupils through the storyline of the Bible using storytelling, drama, music, quizzes and sign language in interactive, engaging instalments. Pupils and staff are very enthusiastic about having Bible Alive in school; it covers a lot of RME in a fun and stimulating way and provides a helpful resource for busy teachers.

We have SU groups taking place in several schools where we meet with children and young people to have fun and fellowship and to help them discover more about following Jesus. With more requests for groups than we can take up, we are always looking for people who have the time and the desire to explore the Bible with children. Do get in touch if this is something you could do.

Out with school, I also like to assist local churches in their work with children and young people; to support volunteers with training and to run clubs during the summer holidays where children can come for friendship, games, general messiness and to find out more about the amazing God who loves them. 


  • Lanarkshire Secondary Weekend (WWLM3), 17-19 November 2017
  • Lanarkshire Primary Weekend (WWLM6), 16-18 February 2018

These great residential events held at Lendrick Muir are for school pupils living in Lanarkshire, and will be available for booking soon!


If I can be of help in supporting your school or church or if you would like more information about the work of SU Scotland in this area please do get in touch. I very much value your prayers as we help children and young people explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus.