Gap Year 2023/24

Thank you for reading about my gap year. I am excited about the year ahead of me. I chose to do a Gap Year with Scripture Union Scotland because, due to personal circumstances and health issues, I couldn’t progress through the past couple of years the way I wanted to, or at least in the way I thought I wanted to. University wasn’t really an option for me this year, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and kept thinking I needed to do what everyone else was doing. In a way I feel this has given me the chance to step back and listen to where God wants me to be, rather than what others wanted. No matter what ideas I came up with, I kept coming back to SU Scotland. Over the years of helping with camps and being a camper myself, I have always felt at home at Lendrick Muir and I’m excited to come back for a whole year.

I can’t wait to try everything, no matter how big or small the task. I am excited to grow new connections and skills and share the gospel with kids who maybe wouldn’t have any other chance to hear God’s word. I’m also looking forward to the independence and living on my own (sorry mum and dad!). And I know I shouldn’t be wishing the year away already, but I am looking forward to seeing how far I’ve come, and mostly how much my faith has grown! I am hoping to gain more confidence in myself that with God by my side I can face all the challenges that come my way.

In my free time I enjoy playing my guitar and singing, even making my own music, football and just being out in nature. I’m also really into art and hope to go on to do an Art Degree next year.

I have opted for the gap:centre placement where I will be based at Lendrick Muir. I will be working primarily with the schools team, welcoming schools to the centre. I’ll also help on the catering and house teams as we get the centre ready for each new group that comes in. There will also be training, wider SU events and SU Holidays.