Independent Schools Worker, es-team

2 Oxgangs Path, Edinburgh, EH13 9LX
T: 0131 445 9921

Day to day work as Independent Schools Worker is as varied as the wonderful schools I visit! During term time I can be found visiting SU Groups and taking part in assemblies. As part of es-team I have been involved in events like Spotlight and Powerpoint for senior pupils and The Big One for primary aged children.

Over weekends and school holiday time I go to SU Holidays which are a great mix of spending time with a small group of young people exploring the Bible and the fun and challenges of the many activities and games on offer. I really value the opportunities they provide to get to know each other and God more.

I have been working for Scripture Union Scotland since January 2015 but have been involved with SU for a lot longer, first as a camper and then a volunteer. Perhaps you too would like to get involved? Some of you may be able to give of your time in a weekly SU Group, some may be able to give financially and I would ask that all of you pray.  If you have a desire for young people in independent schools to find out about Jesus, and would like to support in some way, please do get in touch.