Could you give a young person a holiday that really could change their life?

Anya attended a weekend holiday which was a great taster for SU Holidays and made her want to do more! Her faith was impacted as she learned how to read the Bible, had the opportunity to ask questions of the leaders, and spent time with other young people who shared her faith. After attending SU Holidays, she journeyed through to some of our young leaders’ training camps and now continues on her journey as a volunteer leader.

Anya says, “Without SU Holidays I definitely would not have the same spiritual support system I am blessed to have now, or the community of people to encourage me in my faith. SU Holidays are unique and every young person is welcome - you don’t have to have a particular skill, or be from a certain place, all ‘belong here’ and that means there are a real mix of young people from totally different walks of life. It would break my heart to think that a young person misses out on an SU Holiday because they can’t afford to come. I’m so grateful for the Holiday Sponsorship fund which offers financial support to ensure this doesn’t happen. I’m thankful to generous donors like you, who make this a possibility. Please consider making a donation to the Holiday Sponsorship fund today”.

We thank God for the part SU Holidays has played in the life of Anya and many more young people over the last 80 years. There are many other young people who want to have this same life changing experience, yet face financial barriers in attending. With increased demand for the holiday sponsorship fund this year (three times the requests of last year), your gift is more important than ever. Your generous gift ensures no young person need miss out on an SU Holiday.

As Anya says, SU Holidays give ‘young people from non-Christian backgrounds a chance to learn about Jesus in a way that is fun, and allow Christian kids to see they are not alone and there is a community for them.’ Your generosity will help make this a reality for a young person.

Give to the Holiday Sponsorship Appeal

Where work on a particular project is deemed to be sufficiently funded, SU Scotland may choose to re-direct any surplus to areas of greatest need.

Prayer Hotline

If you would like to join our SU Holidays Prayer Hotline, please visit (we ask people to commit to complete weeks) or phone 0141 352 7608 for more information.