Every year there are more and more young people involved in SU Scotland events for whom the good news of Jesus is completely new.

Previous knowledge of the Bible is increasingly scarce.

Families and communities are fragmenting, and the children suffer most.

Scotland is now a priority mission field, and Scotland's young people desperately need to hear about Jesus' love for them. 



The name COmMISSION refers to Jesus' words at the end of Matthew's gospel, "Go and make disciples of all nations", often called the Great Commission. By taking part in COmMsission:

  • We are responding to Jesus' command.
  • We are relying on the Holy Spirit.
  • We are on "mission together”. As part of a team at an event and as part of the wider SU Scotland family.
  • We are supported. Our church, friends and families are also part of the team. We can ask them to help with prayer and (when appropriate) support us financially.


Tapping the potential of your young people - impacting the life of your church

Training young people for ministry plays a vital role in the life of the church - we believe that proper training and discipling are a positive experience for young people as they serve in a variety of ways. The benefits of this training are of long-lasting value to their own churches as well as to SU Scotland.

Our mission and discipleship programme equips young people for the immediate challenge of helping in church ministries, and gives them skills and confidence to grow into leadership in their churches and in school, college and the workplace.

Attending LeadUP this year was so vital to how I served in and around church. I was keen to be involved in my church’s youth team, and it was also significant to how I lead at camp. The training filled me with lots of confidence, and it was such a blessing to see other young folk so keen to go on for God.

Lauren, 19

Would your church consider sponsoring a young Christian in your fellowship to enable them to participate in the COmMISSION programme?

Prayer and financial support are both greatly appreciated to help them make the most of the opportunity.


If you are still at school and looking to attend the Basecamp Kingscross or LeadUP training events this may well involve asking for permission to miss classes. We have always been happy that the training we provide at these events can be applied wider that the SU Scotland context and stands you in good stead for the duties and learning expected of you as a prefect or senior pupil.

Our position was endorsed by Youthlink Scotland when they selected the COmMISSION programme as a good example of how non-school groups contribute to the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence in their document Building Capacities through Experiences & Outcomes.


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