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The Lendrick Muir Outdoor Centre has hosted children and young people for well over 20 years. They have enjoyed challenging activities, the stunning, rural setting and the experience of a temporary Christian community. As we emerge from lockdown, we believe that this is the right time to make strategic investments in this centre.

One of the greatest challenges we face is the weather! Scotland is a beautiful country, but the climate can affect the activity programme we offer to guests. Another challenge is limited daylight in the winter. We can’t change the weather, but we can develop new indoor activities…

And so, we want to develop the Sports Hall into a multifunctional space by adding…

  • a climbing wall
  • a replacement floor
  • improved heating
  • sound suppression
  • and movable tiered seating to create an auditorium facility

There are also several aspects of the building which require essential maintenance, detailed on the downloadable poster

In addition, we want to improve awareness and care of the wildlife, flora and fauna in the grounds, as well as reduce our carbon footprint, and have launched a formal partnership with A Rocha, a Christian environmental group.

Although we need to raise over £300,000, you can buy and name a handhold for £20! 

If you would like to help us by hosting your own fundraiser, please email Sarah Ross or phone the Lendrick Muir office on 01577 842000.

(We plan to build a huge 8-metre-high, 15-metre-wide indoor climbing wall in our Games Hall. With a mix of vertical and overhanging features, it will offer a unique, varied and progressive climbing experience suitable for the novice and experienced climbers alike – 16 at a time! The wall will challenge young people to solve problems, enhance coordination, focus and perseverance and provide wonderful opportunities for celebration. It is the perfect addition to Lendrick Muir!)

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