Pray For Schools Scotland

Every school a prayed for school! That is the vision of Pray for Schools Scotland - to mobilise Christians to pray for schools and support them as they do this.

The need to pray for schools!

How many schools are in your town or county? Do you know? The answer is... lots! Thousands of Scottish children are in school each day of the year. As Christians, we want to bless our schools by praying for them - asking God's favour upon them and all who work and attend them.

Children and young people spend the majority of their waking hours in school - far more than in church or at home! We know schools have a huge impact on their attitudes, ideas and thinking: about themselves, the world, and God. Some are thriving and flourishing. Others are struggling, battling against poverty and additional support needs. Each one is made in the image of God. They are the adults of tomorrow. Will you pray for them?

Prayer changes things. It makes a difference. Register to pray today for your local school.

"We are all from different churches. We have been coming together once a month to pray for schools for years! We give thanks and pray for the headteachers and teachers, Christian pupils we know, SU Groups running in these schools and their leaders, and generally for God's blessing upon each of them. We pray that each school will have a good ethos and that pupils will flourish." Prayer group leader.

"I registered to pray for school as an individual as I walk past a school on my way to work. I just lift up the children and the staff there, knowing that God knows what they need. I ask for him to be at work in that place." Someone who is praying for a school.

"Having people pray for me and my school is a huge blessing. My job can be very stressful at times. It gives me comfort to know that God is with me in school and that if necessary, I can reach out to those who have registered prayer and ask them to pray for me." School teacher.

"Here in SU Scotland we are seeking to establish Local Ministry Hubs, bringing together church leaders, SU Group leaders, Ambassadors and those who pray for schools  all over Scotland in a given area around a secondary school cluster (a high school and its associated primaries). Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the impact of this on Scotland - if every secondary and every primary had people committed to pray for them?  Register prayer for your local school today to join in!

Can you commit to pray, in a way that suits you? Pray as an individual... or as a church, might you consider praying for all your local schools?


By registering your prayers for a school you are joining a network that stretches across the whole of Scotland. If you would like to link up with others praying for the same school as you, tick the box 'Link up'. We will then pass on your email address to the other person registered, inviting them to get in touch (which is at their own discretion). Across Scotland we have a team of SU Scotland Regional Workers who are involved in schools ministry and support others who volunteer in schools and pray for schools. Check the 'link up with my Regional worker' box, or choose to receive their newsletter if you would like to find out more.

On registration we will send you a Welcome email and a Pray for Schools Update. Following this you will receive a PfSS Update once a term with school-related stories, information and encouragement to keep praying. 

If you are praying for a school with no previous prayer cover, your school will be added to the list of prayed-for schools. At some point, you may receive an invitation to join a Local Ministry Hub and link up with others in your area who are praying for and serving schools.

Across Scotland there are groups of people who meet to pray for schools. Interested? Email to find out where and how you can join in. Or get in touch if you would like to start your own schools prayer group!

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Further resources

Praying for your school is one way of showing your church cares. There are many other ways you do this, and the Serve Your Local School website gives you lots of ideas you might like to try. 

Another helpful website is Christian Values in Education Scotland. The website is a one-stop shop with resources for lessons and assemblies, case studies, detailed advice and links to numerous other websites that support schools work. CVE run courses and events throughout Scotland, providing training, information and networking for teachers, schools workers, chaplains, parents and volunteers.

Ideas for praying for schools

As an individual. You don't need to have a relationship with a school to start praying, only a heart concern to pray. You can pray for your local school, or even one in another part of the country you once attended. If you know a child or young person at school - or a school staff member - you could commit to pray for them. Each year we produce special prayer bookmarks for Back to School with God SundayThese are aimed at helping you pray consistently for one person, or a particular school. Get in touch if you would like some, for a small donation.

As a group. PFSS can help you link up with others praying for the same school. We have seen prayer groups form through people linking up with one another! Or why not begin a school prayer group, inviting pupils, parents, grandparents, church friends? Some schools prayer groups already meet in various locations across the country - check out where. They would love you to join them!

As a church. Regularly highlight your local school in your prayers and encourage others to pray for schools within a radius of your church. If you are a church leader, have you looked at our Back to School with God resources? These are free resources for leading an all-age service at the start of a new school year - ideal for supporting pupils and teachers in prayer!

The special event. If you are interested in holding a special prayer service to highlight the need for schools prayer and bring people from various churches together to pray, do get in touch. We can help with ideas and resources.

Are my local schools being prayed for?

Download the 'Prayed for schools' document and find out. Even if a school is already being prayed for, please do register with us, as it keeps us up-to-date with what is happening around the country.


Pray for Schools Scotland is an initiative of SU Scotland. We work closely with Pray for Schools England & Wales, who offer separate resources for Education Sunday each September and tie in with the Anglican initiative Thy Kingdom Come each May. Further information and resources, and to register prayer for schools in England and Wales, please visit the Pray for Schools website.