Every year, we help thousands of children and young people explore the Bible; make new friends; feel valued and accepted; grow in their understanding of God and what it means to follow him; learn more about themselves; find new ways to pray; develop confidence in their abilities and leadership skills……. and lots more.

Would you like to be a part of this? You will also have the privilege of working with a great team of people and have the opportunity to expand your skills and interests. All our staff play a part in raising support (volunteer, prayer and financial), with a personalised approach that reflects their role and circumstances. 

Got questions or need help? Give our HR department a call on 0141 352 7633 or email hr@suscotland.org.uk

Remember, no matter which role you play, you’ll be making a difference and impacting the lives of children and young people.

Below is the list of our current job vacancies. Click on each vacancy to find out more.


Looking for our gap year?
Join us for a year of personal growth and discipleship as well as opportunities to make a difference!
Gap year
Here’s some of what our staff got up to in 2021…Perhaps you could be part of this in 2022?