A Back to School with God Sunday church service is a fantastic way to pray for and support your young people and school staff at the start of a new school year.

We have all been through difficult times this year with schools being off for a long period of time. More than ever, we need to come together as God's people to encourage our children, young people and school staff at the start of a new school year, committing them to God in prayer. A Back to School with God Sunday service is an excellent way of reminding them that whatever anxieties they may face, God is with them as they return to school.

Back to School with God resources are currently being written, and will be available from May onwards. Our 2021 theme is The Boat and the Breakfast, exploring John 21:1-14.


What is Back to School with God Sunday?

Back to School with God Sunday marks the start of a new school year. We want to help churches mark this milestone in the lives of children and young people, school staff, parents, grandparents and the whole community through providing resources for an all-age Sunday service which aims to

  • make children, young people, teachers and other staff aware that they are going back to school with God;
  • demonstrate that the church family values them, prays for them and cares about their daily life at school;
  • challenge Christian pupils and staff to live out their faith in the school context, supporting any Christian witness in the school (such as an SU Group or similar).
  • raise awareness of the ongoing need for prayer for local schools.

There is no set date for Back to School with God Sunday – pick a date at the end of August or early September (or whenever your new term starts) that suits you.

Back to School with God Sunday is an initiative of Pray for Schools and we hope that if you haven’t already done so, you will register your prayer support for a particular school by completing the form below.

Back to School with God Resources

Resources are free to download. Once you register on the form below you will be sent a link to the resources page - please keep it safe so you can access it again!  Resources for 2021 will be available from May onwards.

The main resource is the All-age Service supported by PowerPoint Slides. Supporting resources include a Children’s Talk for those wanting a short slot within a wider service; the Bible story and accompanying images (PPT Script)Responsive Prayers which involve adults, children and young people in praying for their schools; a Video setting the Bible story in context and a Script for those wishing to act it out. We also have a couple of Children's Craft suggestions.



Register your church/service

All resources are free to download upon registration of your service. This helps us keep track of who is using our resources, and where! It is also gives us an opportunity to gain your feedback. Please save the resources once opening the link, or retain the link so you can retrieve the resources at a later point.

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For further information on Back to School with God Sunday or enquiries about schools prayer, contact Elizabeth McDowall. If you are holding Back to School with God Sunday and have not yet registered to pray for your local school, why not consider doing so? Register using the form above or email to check whether others have registered prayer for your local schools.

Finally - do get in touch with stories about your own Back to School with God Sunday!