One Big Story is a Bible overview resource. The resource came about as a result of seeing the effectiveness of the Bible Alive programme in schools, and the impact when children are helped to understand the Bible as 'one big story', seeing how the individual stories connect. 

This programme is aimed at SU Groups for children in P5-P7, to take them through a Bible overview over the course of two years. 


  • Introduction

  • Session 1: Beginnings
    The Bible tells us that everything started with God, and the Bible is one way we can find out about God and get to know him. This session covers a brief introduction to the Bible - who wrote it, when it was written and how it is structured.

  • Session 2: Creation
    God made the world and saw that it was good. Humans are a special part of God’s creation, individually designed and made in his image.

  • Session 3: Sin
    When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, his perfect creation was spoiled and their friendship with God was damaged. We all sin too but God still cares for us and has a plan to sort it out.

  • Session 4: Flood
    Sin is a big problem which God can’t just ignore - here he acts to deal with it, but he saves Noah and his family because of Noah’s faith. Today he still saves people who have faith in him.

  • Session 5: Promise
    God made a promise to Abraham that seemed amazing but impossible. Abraham had to wait a long time, but God kept his promise, showing that he is always faithful and that nothing is impossible with God.

  • Session 6: Faith
    Abraham showed faith by trusting God and obeying him even when he was asked to do something very hard that he didn’t understand. God is someone that we can trust and have faith that he has a good plan for us and he won’t let us down. 

  • Session 7: Encounter
    Jacob had cheated his brother and had to run away, but although he had done things that were wrong God still cared and Jacob was changed by his meeting with God. Like Jacob, we may not always realise he is there, but God promises to be with his people today too.

  • Session 8: Trouble
    Lots of things happened to Joseph which were difficult and seemed unfair, but God was still with him and helped him in these times. Like Joseph we have a choice about how we react when things are hard - we can ask God for help in these situations.

  • Session 9: Plan
    Even though Joseph’s brothers had meant to harm him, God had a plan and things turned out well in the end. God has a plan for our lives too - he can help us in the hard times and even bring good things out of them if we trust him.

  • Session 10: Immanuel
    We have talked a lot this term about God being with his people - Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Joseph. Jesus was called Immanuel (God with us) and Christians believe Jesus was God come to live on earth as a human being. Just like with Abraham, God made a promise to Mary which seemed impossible, but she had faith and trusted what God said.

  • Session 11: Party
    This session is slightly different from the others as it is an outline for an end of term party. There will be more time for games than usual, but there is also a pass the parcel game which will help to fill in the details of the Christmas story not covered in the previous session and help the children to continue to reflect on the significance of Christmas.

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